Dolphin Swims at Ocean World Dominican Republic

Its a once in a lifetime experience and can't be missed if you are thinking of visiting the Dominican Republic. Ocean World is based in the North of the Dominican Republic. We found that it offers both excellent value for money and an amazing experience to fulfil your dreams. The Dolphin show at Ocean World is a brilliant way to get you in the mood for having an encourter or a swim with these beautifully intelligent mammals. As you walk past the dolphins, they all come up to greet you, which settles any nerves you may have about meeting them. The Dolphins are amazingly gentle with you when you enter the pool. Some people say that dolphins are healing. I disagree with this, but i did find myself feeling almost unbelievably relaxed, peaceful and at ease with everything once i had done it.

The Dolphins are the main attraction but definately not the only attraction. You can have encounters with Sea lions, Sharks and Birds also. There is also a white Tiger that you can swim besides, with only glass seperating you. This makes for a fantastic photo, and great memories of an excellent day.

If you didn't want to encounter any of the animals you could still go there and have a fantastic day. There are a number of shows you can see with all the different animals that really wow'd us!

Ocean world offer a service, whereby you can have your pictures taken and buy them if you wished to do so at the end of the day. This wasn't cheap but the pictures were of a good quality and we wanted to take something home to remind us of a lovely day.

If you buy tickets through your rep then Ocean World will also send a us to pick you up and take you home once you are done, free of charge.

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