Dora The Explorer Birthday Cakes And Party Supplies

Dora The Explorer Birthday Party

Dora the Explorer is an animated and very beloved children's show that follows the adventures of a cute little seven year old girl named Dora. Dora who is a very happy and friendly Latina girl spends her day helping others, and spending time with her best friend Boots the monkey.

Along the way Dora also teaches her viewers Spanish words and phrases. One of the nice things about Dora is the fact that she servers as positive role model for young girls everywhere. Because of this Dora the Explorer is one show that most parents don't mind their children watching.

If you're thinking about having a Dora the Explorer birthday party for your child then you've come to the right place. The Dora the Explorer birthday theme is very popular with young girls right now which also means that you shouldn't have a hard time finding any of the needed party supplies such as the birthday cake topper, Dora the Explorer birthday invitations, party plates, cups and napkins.

When it comes to a Dora the Explorer party one of the most important considerations is of course the birthday cake. You will find a beautiful selection of Dora the Explorer cake toppers available on Amazon as well as on eBay. They are all so gorgeous which makes picking just one more than a little difficult, and unfortunately due to a lack of space I could only include a small sample of the large selection that you will find available on both websites.

dora the explorer birthday cakes and party supplies
dora the explorer birthday cakes and party supplies

Dora the Explorer Party Supplies

If your little girl loves Dora, then she's going to delighted to have a Dora the Explorer birthday party this year.

One of the nicest things about choosing a Dora the Explorer theme is that fact that you can quite easily find everything that you need to have an awesome party for sale on the internet at a very reasonable price.

After you've picked out the cake topper you're probably going to want to think about the invitations, decorations and other party supplies such as the plates, cups and napkins and maybe even some party favors. All of these items are available for sale individually but you will find them to be much more affordable if you purchase one of the party packs instead.

You will find the first party pack which serves 16 to be very affordably priced, this set contains cups, plates, napkins and a table covering.

The super party set only serves 8 but it does come with quite a bit more stuff than the first set. Set contains cups, plates, napkins, plastic silverware, a table covering, 8 invitations, 8 blowouts, 1 Dora Banner, 1 Centerpiece, 20 colored balloons, birthday candles and crepe streamers for decorating.


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