Easter Baskets for Adults


When I was a child, Easter was my favorite holiday. There was just something about the excitement of waking up and seeing my Easter basket sitting on my bed, filled with candy and a new stuffed animal! It was like a treasure chest, full of wonderful things. As my brother and I got older, my mom continued the Easter basket ritual, only she would fill it with more age appropriate items. I don't know if my brother felt silly still getting a basket at age seventeen or not, but I loved it! There was always the candy, of course, but she would put in things like makeup, perfumes, little animal figurines...just all sorts of goodies for me. My brother got the male equivalent. Sometimes the "basket" would be a decorated storage box or a big bowl for the kitchen, since I liked to cook. This went on for many years and we always managed to get our "easter baskets".

As I got older, I decided to do the same thing for my mom and dad. It was so much fun picking up whimsical items here and there to add to the basket. The candy was always the usual, with maybe a few more expensive brands thrown in. I think my mom and dad enjoyed them as much as I did. I have also done this for friends and surprised them by leaving them on the doorstep, ringing the bell and hiding! As the years went by, we at some point stopped the ritual. As my mom got older, she didn't have the energy to go shopping the same way she used to. Out of love and concern for her, I suggested we stop. I have to admit it was a sad day, but the time had come to put aside our adult Easter baskets.

But for anyone who is willing and able, it is a lot of fun to do this for your grown up loved ones. I think there is still a child inside all of us and it is fun to go "back in time" and relish that childhood. Even though the stuff in the basket may be adult contents, it's still exciting to see what's in there! Use your imagination and give someone you love (mom, dad, husband, wife, sister, brother, grandparent, friend) a special Easter treat.

Some suggestions:

books, perfume or cologne,makeup, anything related to a hobby, figurines,small kitchen tools,small handyman tools, little flashlights, key chains, scented creams and lotions, a special wine, food treats (special cookies or crackers, stuffed olives, etc.), small jigsaw puzzles,jewelry, a new wallet...as you can see the sky's the limit!

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Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 5 years ago from Wv

Great minds think alike! lol! :)

Karanda profile image

Karanda 5 years ago from Australia

The lists are endless. What a wonderful idea for the child who has outgrown the Easter basket! Nice Hub. I still remember those Easter mornings as a child, following the trail to the chocolate chicken and Easter eggs perched on a bed of straw in a delicate basket. Thanks for the memories.

catgypsy profile image

catgypsy 5 years ago from the South Author

Thanks Karanda!

Lesa 5 years ago

A great idea. A way to keep a childhood tradition alive and, in this economy, do so in a more economical way.


twilanelson profile image

twilanelson 5 years ago from Carmichael, California

Nicely written Hub with a wonderful story and interesting concept that I will be practicing with my family and friends. I can see the smiles now. Thank you !

catgypsy profile image

catgypsy 5 years ago from the South Author

Thanks twilanelson. It's a lot of fun!

tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 3 years ago from California

Need to start thinking about Easter now Christmas is over. Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's day are some of my favorite holidays.

catgypsy profile image

catgypsy 3 years ago from the South Author

tirelesstraveler, you are good, thinking about Easter already...haha! After Christmas I don't want to think of anything holiday related, but they are fun to celebrate!

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