Easter Coloring Print Outs

I love the Easter Bunny Pic for Hubmob :)

I love coloring pages

I have to admit I am a big kid at heart. When it comes to coloring pages I could lose an entire afternoon literally. It is so much fun connecting with that young person in your life weather it be your own child, a friend or young relative coloring is one of the most affordable ways to have some great fun. The ideas are endless you can draw your own images on your computer to print them or just find them online & print them either way it's so much fun.

I think it would be a great idea to make some personal coloring pages for that special little person in your life, find the picture you like & save the picture to your computer, open the picture with your photo software. I love Print Shop 12 I know, I know it is an old program but I love it so much I can not get away from it. Now once you open your coloring print out add the child's name to it. print your picture then tie a ribbon around it & add it to a small Easter basket. Add a box of crayons & maybe some candy, fruit or snacks now you have a basket full of fun! Enjoy your afternoon with your little friend. Happy Easter everyone!

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How to use coloring pages

1. Right click on the picture you like

2. Save the picture to your computer

3. Print your picture

4. Have lots of coloring fun

*Note if you want to add a child's name open your picture in a photo program & add an open faced text that the child can color. Don't forget to add a personal message to make the coloring print out more special. Most importantly have a lot of coloring fun!

Let the coloring fun begin

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Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

They are cute. Thanks :)

Shirley Anderson profile image

Shirley Anderson 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Hi, Envoy. Princessa is right, these are really cute!

By the way, I left you a message in the HubMob forum thread. :)

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

Awe thanks guys :)

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California

Really cute...my daughter, who is 19 will LOVE them...my son who is 12 will not. However, I love them!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

lol thank you :)

deccasandy profile image

deccasandy 7 years ago from Belmont

very nice hub

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

Thank you :)

keshy 7 years ago

they are really cool; thnx!!!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

Your very welcome I'm am glad you like them enjoy :)

maggie 6 years ago

luv dees pic's dey r de CUTIST!!

Debbie Gee profile image

Debbie Gee 6 years ago from California

Love this type of activity on the web for kids. Wish there were more of it!

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