Easter 2013; My Reflection.

Jesus on the History's Bible Series.
Jesus on the History's Bible Series. | Source

Today is Maundy or Holy Thursday and it is the day that Jesus sat down for his last supper with his friends, his disciples the 12 Apostles. He knew when he sat down to that meal that one of his best friends, Peter would deny him three times, Judas would turn him into the authorities to be killed and everyone else at that table would abandon him in his time of most need.

This story will be portrayed on the History Channel this Sunday and I look forward to seeing how they portray his last days but also his resurrection. The Passion of the Christ was a bloody violent film that left me sad and brought me to tears and made me angry. There was very little about his ressurection and way too much focus on his brutal death. I hear this story every year at church and every year it makes me mad and sad that humanity chose to kill an innocent man who was a miracle worker and loved by many people in his time. I always knew that this was part of God's plan but it was still the will of the Jews (his own people) to kill an innocent man and let a murderer go free. This was 2000 years ago and people are still killing innocent men and woman all across the world for no reason. When will it stop?

I have begun to study the bible and attend a ministry school and it all makes so much more sense to me. All of it. I have always questioned the how of Christ's sacrifice for us. How did it clean us of our sins? Was it symbolic or did the Holy Spirit come upon this world and really change us after Christ died on that cross?

I believe the Holy Spirit came upon all of us. We were not alive at that time but God had already planned us. We all have a glorious purpose on this Earth and Christ can help you find that purpose.

I have searched and searched all my life for my calling and my passion. At the special age of 33, I have finally figured it out with the help of my school and the help of the Holy Spirit I finally know what God has planned for me. It is hard to believe at times but I say yes. I have said a big fat, Yes to the Lord and I would be honored to lead the Christian church to revival and do anything it takes to make this world a better place.

I was raised Catholic and have always loved Jesus but I became a born again Christian in October of 2012 and I have really dedicated my life to Christ and his call for me. I really understand the sacrifice he made for me on the cross. I understand that he did that for me. He died for me! This perfect and beautiful man died on a cross so that I could be free. Free from sin, pain and misery. He then rose again so that I can walk with him on this Earth and spread his love. He wants to be with me! He wants to live with me, dream, eat, dance, laugh and just be with me all the time. He loves me like a friend and like my one true love. He is my one true love. He always listens to me and never judges or ridicules me. He answers my prayers and I can always trust him to take care of me. He loves me more than anyone on this planet and I choose to put him first in my life from here on out.

As you all celebrate Easter, I hope that you walk with Jesus more closely. I pray that you ask for his help in your everyday life and I pray that you ask what you can do for him. We are always asking God for something but he gave us everything. We need to say thank you and we need to give back. God paid it all for you on the cross will you pay it forward? Will you share his love with all that you encounter?

I have changed my selfish ways but I am a work in progress. I pray that I grow closer to him everyday and that I can hear his voice more clearly. I pray that I make him proud of me, his daughter, his heavenly daughter. I pray that I can make a difference in this scary but beautiful world that we live in and I pray that you all help me out.

Happy Easter to all and may the peace of Christ be in your heart and soul always!


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