How to make quick and beautiful Easter eggs?

Initially the eggs should always be washed with water. Remember that cooking should be at room temperature eggs, otherwise a severe crack.

Painting with fabric. This is best suited for cotton or linen. It will also require tree leaves, peas.

 Then an egg wrapped in a piece of material,

thread binds and cook 10-15 minutes with a little vinegar.

Boils the eggs, cool under cold water and unwind tissue

 Plotting. Cook eggs, paint for paint eggs with vinegar.

With a knife, do you want to order.

Printing of wax or paraffin. Cook and cool eggs. Find a job tools: a pencil stuck with the needle and candle.

 Candle is placed on a hot stove and a weak fire paraffin melts, but do not allow the smoke to start.

 Egg with a clean towel to arrest, that he always remains clean. Then paint the tip of the needle wax and draw it invented the letter. This should be done fairly quickly, as the wax dries quickly.

Placing of an order, it can no longer correct.

 Wax dappled egg is placed in the paint.

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Edwin Clark profile image

Edwin Clark 5 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

That's really cool! Great pictures and thanks for sharing!

MindField profile image

MindField 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

I love these eggs, bimbauzis. Very beautiful and yet not beyond my artistic capabilities!

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