Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

You can make a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal without spending a lot of time or money.

Gather Your Supplies

After Halloween, you will find that ornamental pumpkins and gourds are on sale. They both look great, so go ahead and pick up a bunch of either, or a combination of both pumpkins and gourds. Indian corn is another great decorative item that doesn't cost a lot. Remember that You don't have to stick with the decorative stuff: get the pumpkins and gourds and squash you can later cook.

When making a centerpiece, remember that you might want to clear it off the table. If you have a lot of pieces to the centerpiece, make it easy to move.

The basket centerpiece:

When I created this centerpiece, I chose a basket I already owned because it reminded me of Fall. Putting something along the bottom will allow you to use less pumpkins and gourds to fill the basket.

I also tried it with the silver basket I found at a thrift store. Definitely search your local stores for great finds. You can also find great table cloths and material at the thrift stores (see the Italian cloth on my table? $1.50 at a thriftstore). Baskets tend not to be too expensive either, and you can reuse them for other things.

The pumpkin vase:

One of my favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces is a pumpkin vase. You simply cut the top off of the pumpin, and scrape the insides out (much like you do when making a Jackolantern). Then, you fill a small jar with water and place it in the pumpkin. The jar will serve as a vase for the bouquet of flowers you use for the occasion, but remains hidden by the pumpkin. If you choose not to use fresh flowers, don't fill the jar with water (but using it still helps to keep your decorations in place). This centerpiece is easy to pick up and move as needed.

Don't have time to make your own?

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What do you use for centerpieces?

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