Event Ideas

Event Ideas

The following event ideas and event themes may help bring things into focus when planning your next event.

Almost any activity can be made into an event if you organize it correctly. Walkathons, for example, are one public events idea that can promote themes like good health, fight a particular disease, or encourage "green behavior," etc.

An event has to be publicized well to raise awareness about the event. Get local businesses, like grocers, sporting good stores, and restaurants to support the event. Involve local media, like a short radio spot, or an article in the neighborhood section of the local newspaper. Have a guest dignitary or well-known personality to help kick off the event or appear for a grand finale.

Business Event Ideas

Corporate event ideas usually center around forums restricted to like minded individuals who are work oriented and are engaged in the same or complementary aspects of a particular business, trade or profession.

Since communication is confined to a select group there are innovative ways to approach these meetings, such as having the groups meet in an online chat room on the company's intranet discussing the current focus. A pre-recorded 15-30 minute message can be distributed for members to listen to at their convenience and give feed back via email or posting to company chats or blogs.

Incentives can be used to encourage feedback, like if someone finds a solution to an obstacle, that person gets a free lunch at the company's expense, etc.

Fundraising Event Ideas

Raffles can be exciting and fun. Some top raffle prize ideas are: travel packages, cars, electronic equipment, gift certificates, dinner for two, etc. If someone has a good chance of winning something valuable, like a new car, they are more willing to donate, especially if it is a cause close to their heart. To raffle off a car, for instance, you could sell 900-1000 tickets for $100.00 each. First prize: New 2008 Cadillac CTS worth $35,045.00, 2nd prize $1000.00, 3rd Prize $500.00.

Fundraising is not only accomplished by selling, raffling, or auctioning products. Saving money is equal to making money. Financial needs can often be met through sponsorship, such as a company providing discounts, freebies, or extras like office supplies that have their company logo and/or message imprinted on them, etc.

Charity Events Ideas

A charity event does not have to be centered on monetary exchange. Many organizations have valuable ways to give back to the community, such as donating time and resources for habitat improvement, giving a helping hand to a segment of the economy, like public clean up, wild life preservation, and so on. Sometimes the resources to hold a grand charity event dinner are not available, but spreading the manpower among the existing soup kitchens can accomplish a great deal.

Corporate Event Ideas

Some corporate events can be departmental or company-wide. If it is on a smaller scale, a few ideas can be combined. Celebrating the completion of a project can be combined with special recognition awards for certain employees, in addition to a mini-seminar gearing up for the next project. This can then be accompanied by a nice catered lunch and a short comic video.

Convention Ideas

Conventions facilitate members of large groups of about 300 or more. For example, sales representatives, educators, and professionals or trade industries can meet, exchange information, and form connections or get educated on the latest trends and progress. It is important to visit a facility when choosing the right convention center in order to provide the appropriate space for exhibits, stage speakers, and mini conferences, both separately or combined.

For example, let's say you're creating an event for the medical waste industry. Attendees gather to learn, network, and have lots of fun focusing on the largest regulatory, legislative, and technical issues that affect the medical waste business. If you're expecting over 500 exhibitors, you want to provide an opportunity for attendees to see and compare all of the latest equipment and technology in the industry, all under one roof, saving them time and money.

With so many exhibitors and technology on the show floor displaying services and solutions, you'll need a facility that can accommodate such a large crowd with large scale loading docs for equipment, large catering and dining areas, conference rooms for presentations on trends and issues, other large rooms for seminars, etc.

In this case, procuring a dedicated convention center may be the most sensible, since they are usually near airports, mass transit, and hotels. If you are planning a much smaller convention, there are many upscale hotels and retreats which include convention center wings of their facility to accommodate the needs of exhibitors, seminars and workshops.

Don't forget the promotional products imprinted with your company's logo to distribute at your convention!

Conference Ideas

A conference can be an official assembly of clergy, an association of athletic teams, a meeting of various committees or a new organization. It could be simply a conference between students and advisers. As with all types of events, a conference is no different when getting the word out and preparing your prospective attendees to participate in something so beneficial they won't want to miss it. A website needs to be publicized, and flyers or handouts need to be distributed, mailed, or emailed.

Once the registration is flowing, you can gauge what type of amenities you need to provide, like if there will there be children present. If yes, you'll need to have some children's programs replete with certified counselors and appropriate activities, etc. Perhaps a fitness room for the adults to unwind would be appropriate as well. What kind of educational sessions will there be and what supplies will be necessary? Depending on the number of people and duration of the conference, determine what type of audio/visual and lighting props would be needed and the electrical power to support it. What culinary provisions will be suitable? If having the conference in a resort hotel, a pool-side lunch or beach-front grill with some volleyball may relax and refresh attendees for their next session.

Of course, you don't want to forget your gracious sponsors, and at the same time leave a lasting impression on your participants. So, give parting gifts from your sponsors. This will predispose them to attending your next enlightening conference.

Festival Event Ideas

Festivals are generally marked by feasting, rides, ceremonies and entertainment, commemorating or celebrating an anniversary, cultural event, or just good old-fashioned merrymaking. If your festival is geared more towards singles, there are many clubs and restaurants that can supply appropriate food and beverages along with entertainment, both live or recorded to liven up your festival.

If your festival is on a large scale open to the general public, like a music or art festival, your venue would be best outdoors such as at a state park, sports stadium, or city square, if appropriate.

National or international corporations, like beverage companies, may support television commercials and radio announcements to promote the festival. Having famous artists perform or exhibit will attract large participation. Provide a wide array of cuisine from many local food businesses to satisfy the many ethnic tastes which a festival usually incorporates.

Of course, a festival of this kind needs to be coordinated with local authorities to assist with traffic control and parking, safety and clean up. If preparations are adequately addressed, this type of event is an economy booster for everyone involved.

To sum up...

There are many events ideas you can incorporate when planning, designing and marketing your next event, large or small. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the myriad of choices available, make planning, budgeting and managing your event easier by limiting the event ideas you choose to a manageable number.

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