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great decorations
great decorations
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using costumes

First of all, you have to decide whether you are going to organize a huge party or smaller one, if your aim is simply to organize it and have fun, or if you would like to start making money out of events. There are several different types of parties; there are the ones where you gather with friends and play games, and the ones with really good music, a dance floor and great decorations. I will be giving tips about the latter, since planning a smaller gathering requires little help from my end!

Party planning list

1. See who would like to be part of the organization and decide on the date, time, place.

2. If you want to have an outdoor party or an indoor one

3. How many people you would like to be present

4. If you need any permits to organize it

5. If you will be setting up a bar and whether you’ll be making an entrance fee

6. If the party will be in a bar/club, check if you can get offers on drinks from the Manager of the place, they will normally negotiate.

7. Decide on the decorations, lighting, theme, music, sound system equipment

8. Decide whether you’d like to set up a food stand, however, this may be only worth it if it’s going to be a big party (over 200 people).

Party Planning ideas

For the first step, I wouldn’t recommend having too many organizers, maybe some friends you can trust would be the best way to go. Brainstorm and see what place would be best for a party. Decide on a budget, and see which place will give you your money’s worth and maybe even some profit. Don’t expect a lot if it’s your first event though. Just focus on having fun organizing it. If it’s summer, an outdoor party would be great, imagine the fun people could have dancing under the stars.

I am not sure if you need permits to do such a thing in your country, make sure you don’t get into any trouble. It would really ruin everything if police show up and stop the party. A beach party would be nice, or in a deserted place surrounded by trees and nature, wherever you go, just make sure you don’t leave rubbish, it’s disgusting and unfair to leave all the rubbish lying around, and you could get into trouble.

Decide on the time – do you want your party to go on all night, or do you want to start early? Normally, parties start at night, but if you want to be a bit different, you could actually start early morning and keep going till sunset.

Decide on the guest list- do you want a big party? Do you want to include sponsors? If it’s your very first event, you might not get sponsors easily. I would recommend organizing your first party without too much hassles, and start growing, if that’s your goal. When word gets around, you will be getting more and more guests. With all the Social Networking media available, you could easily advertise your event, making a colourful flyer, and include any songs/videos in the invite, which give the guests an idea of what kind of music you will be playing.

If you decide to have the party in a club/ bar, it might be easier in terms of sound system and lighting. They are normally set up for parties, so you might want to choose the hottest club, or you might want to choose a venue which matches the theme of the party. For example, having a garden might be ideal if you are having a costume party. Also, I would recommend a venue which has an outdoor area, for those who would like to take a break from all the dancing, and would like to socialize outside. Remember many people smoke, you don’t want them to smoke inside, it might bother people and it may be against the law in your country.

Speak to the manager of the place and negotiate some special offers on drinks, you may get more guests this way. Make sure you remind all your guests that drinking and driving is against the law, suggest that they have designated drivers. You may also want to organize transport to save people the hassle of driving. Remember, if people get hurt, you will get the blame.

Decide on the entrance fee. Sometimes people get discouraged when there is an entrance fee to a party, particularly if it’s expensive. Decide with the organizers whether it’s worth it, it all depends on whether it will hurt the success of the party and whether you want to make a profit. It all depends on the norms in your country, whether it’s your first party and whether your parties are popular.

Party Décor

First come up with a theme. More people may show up if there is a theme, more so if it’s an original one. You can then decide on the decorations you will be using. Some people are very creative, so if you have a friend who can do a good job, ask for their help. Try to stick to the budget when buying supplies. Décor is very important for a memorable and successful party, so be as colourful, creative and original as you can.

Party lights & sound system rental

 I suggest dim lighting, it provides a mysterious atmosphere, people may feel more comfortable; they wouldn’t want the spotlight on them. You can have candles in coloured jars all around the place, UV lights for a glowing effect. I would recommend placing UV lights in front or behind backdrops to increase the intensity of the backdrop colours.

You will need a generator if you decide on an outdoor party, remember to take into consideration the power of the sound system and lighting before you rent one.

If you decide on an indoor venue, you can use a projector to show photos, or psychedelic projections, whatever matches the theme of the party.

Band and DJ

Decide on the music and the kind of crowd you want, choose the best songs, choose a good DJ, choose songs people can dance to as well as relaxing songs. Alternatively, you may want to hire a band, especially if you have friends who are part of one; they may take the opportunity to promote themselves. It’s all up to you.

I believe I have given you a lot of tips on how to organize a good party. Don’t get discouraged if it’s your first and it doesn’t go the way you expected. Remember, you still need to organize more to become popular, just do your best and HAVE FUN!

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coolio 4 years ago

thx i'm host5ing a party for my friends and I to celebrate our friendship. That may sound a little babyish but whatever!!! Thx a lot!

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jines86 4 years ago from Hawthorne CA

Great ideas thanks

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