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Pakistan is an under developed company, but still the night life here is considered to be best, specially in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad Karachi is also known as city that never sleeps! All sorts of events ranging from Exhibitions, Kids Events, Historical Events, Music Events, seminars, workshops, Dance Parties, Concerts are held almost every day!!

There are more then 150 Event Management companies in Pakistan Mostly situated in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad, There are at average 100 Events held monthly all over Pakistan.

This blog will keep you updated with all the big events happening in Pakistan, by joining facebook page you can get an weekly update of the events which will be happening!

Events Pakistan

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Events Pakistan 5 years ago

Eventronics Brings Dance Party 5 years ago

Eventronics Presents

Summer Heat 2011

Summer is not here yet there is enough heat, All that is scheduled to happen on the D-day is non-stop music, enough dance to make you sleep the next day.

Dance, Trance the DJ will hit the house in the evening till the night goes into final hours

Beautiful Disco Lights and Smoke Machine on the floor won't let you be away from the floor for long.

Experience hip-hop, trance, rock everything which the ears love, dance, sheesha Bar, Bar (Hard Drinks & Soft Drinks)

Other info :

refreshments, snacks and Drinks would be on payments.

Some Fine Rapping & Mixing to be done by

DJ Joe

Surprise performance by the DJ

Time :


(Gate get closed on 11:30pm)

Till :

You breathe

Dress Code :

Dress to Impress

Venue :

Disclosed Only to Pass holders

Pass Prices :

We have the following categories :

Regular Couple Pass for Rs.2500

Single Girl Pass Rs.1,000

VIP Lounge package one

- 6 Persons

- Private lounge

- cozy and comfortable with sofas and couchs

- 6 Free drinks


VIP Lounge Package Two

- 10 persons

- Private Pool Table with unlimited games

- 10 free drinks

- Private and VIP lounge

- Cozy and comfortable.

- Royal

- Private Butler for service


Other Important details :

- Security will be high with metal detectors,(Venue will provide fool-proof security, checking would take place at the gates), your expected to co-operate

- No Stags

- No Weapons / Arms / Guards inside the venue _

- No Pets

- Organisers / management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone even though they possess Event Pass

- We expect your co-operation with our staff

Tickets available at :

Places in Zamzama, Clifton, PECHS. Please contact for details to purchase from or selected outlets

You can call for tickets at :



Please also Note :

Tickets will not be available on Gates, We don't expect you to come looking for them. Please purchase it well prior to the event, or call and book it for yourself, you will be included in the invites list.

Please remember the purpose of the event is hardcore entertainment and a night to remember.

Shujaa 5 years ago

Plz inform me any new upcoming events

zaini 5 years ago

plz inform me any new events

Event Management in Karachi 5 years ago

Please Inform Me Any New Upcoming Events

omar 4 years ago

dance party dubara kb hogy tell me guyz

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