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There are plenty of different mythical creatures which seem to captivate children. Some might include unicorns, elves, dragons, mermaids, pegasuses, and many more. However, no creature seems to capture a child's attention (or their personality) more than a fairy.

A lot of the credit for why children love fairies so much can go to J. M. Barrie's creation of the character of Tinkerbell and Disney's subsequent marketing of her.

Fairies actually used to be a much feared mythological creature--temperamental, vindictive, and mischievous. In the early 1900's, Barrie's portrayal of Tinkerbell as a childlike being, filled with emotion, curiosity, and the urge to stir things up was so easy for kids to relate to (and adults) that the previous notions of what a fairy was like began to fade away.

Once Disney claimed Tinkerbell as their own, using her as their mascot basically, she and all of her fairy friends were catapulted into stardom. Today, the same words once written portraying fairies in a negative and somewhat scary light, are now read in a different way.

With the general understanding of psychology, most of us can now sympathize with fairies--a being who can be so overwhelmed with emotion that they can't think straight--and we may even revere them a bit and wish that we could sometimes let go of our own worries and anxieties and just go with the flow.

Types of Fairies

Believe it or not, in the world of fairies, there are many different kinds of fairies. There is the most well-known type, the Tinkerbell type of fairy. She is considered a Sprite. She is a forest dweller, usually scantily clad and only a few inches tall. She has wings and can fly through the air faster than you can follow and she either glows or shimmers. She is very playful, yet becuase she is a very old being, she is filled with much wisdom.

Gnomes are also considered to be a type of fairy. These guys are rumored to haunt gardens. They stand about 1 1/2 feet tall, usually wear caps, simple clothing, and the males usually have beards. Supposedly, before a gnome is born, it can decide how old it wants to appear in life. Gnomes live for thousands of years and never age past the chosen age of appearance.

Elves are another member of the fairy family. These creatures are taller than the average human, usually between 6-7 feet in height. They are very beautiful with long flowing hair, pointed ears, and slightly upturned eyes. Elves are very intelligent, peaceful creatures, at one with nature, but are also skilled warriors when they need to be.

Now, in addition to these more traditional fairies, some mythological literature also categorizes creatures such as mermaids, unicorns, centaurs, pegasuses, fauns, and dragons into this grouping.

I think it's safe to say that any mythological creature, whether considered part of the fairy family or not, is still at least part of the fairy's world. Can you imagine a world with fairies zipping by, centaurs galloping in the meadows along with unicorns, pegasuses and dragons flying through the air, mermaids swimming through the water, elves walking in the forest, and gnomes hiding behind toadstools?! What a world! No wonder children are enthralled by it!

Now that you know all about fairies...

...the real question is, why are you not throwing a fairy party right now?! As a theme for a child's party, fairies, and their world, is such a wonderful and fun concept. As you can see, fairies are not just for little girls--boys have plenty of options to dress-up as a type of fairy too.

Boys will have fun wearing elf, gnome, centaur, or dragon costumes. Girls will have a blast dressed as fairies, mermaids, or elves. If you have pets, fashion a unicorn horn or pegasus wings for them! There's no reason anyone should feel left out!

Here are a handful of mythical creature costumes:

Dragon Costume
Dragon Costume
Fall Fairy Costume
Fall Fairy Costume
Unicorn Costume
Unicorn Costume
Gnome Costume
Gnome Costume
Magical Mermaid Costume
Magical Mermaid Costume

What type of Fairy party should you throw?

Well there's no wrong way to throw a fairy party! A mythical party like this has no limits to the imagination. Both girls and boys will have fun dressing as their favorite magical creature. You can choose to have a girls only fairy princess tea party or garden party. Or you can choose to have a co-ed, all mythical creatures welcome party.

Whether it's a birthday party, Halloween party, or just one of those "excuse to throw a party" parties, be sure to let all the children know that it's a costume party, give them ideas of who or what they can dress-up as, and I assure you, the party will be a hit!

Serve party friendly foods such as finger sandwiches, chips or pretzels, veggie sticks with dip, and fruit. You should definitely have either cupcakes or a cake, decorated with fairies and other mythical creatures.

You can play traditional party games but add a little twist to them: Pin the Tail on the Dragon, Magical Chairs, or Tinkerbell Says.

Since the children will be dressed-up, have a best dressed competition. I would suggest having many different categories though, so that every child wins . Example might be Most Convincing, Scariest, Prettiest, Most Unique, Most Accurate, and so on.

Good luck and have fun, but just remember that when the day is over, it's time to go back to reality...

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