School Christmas Programs

School Christmas Programs

I grew up in a quiet little town in Montana, where Christmas programs included beautiful traditional Christmas carols and the Nativity Scene was always an important part in the grade school program. The shepherds wore their big brothers' bathrobes, Kings' crowns were made from cardboard and covered in tin foil or gold wrapping paper, and Mary held her baby doll, wrapped in a blue blanket, while Joseph (also in a bathrobe) stood quietly next to her. Angels in hand-made white sheaths, sewn by talented mothers, wore their shiny garland-covered halos proudly. And if we had enough kids, we also had the stable animals...although these were the less coveted roles. :)

After the grade school program, the high school stepped up to perform their Christmas medleys, first in the school band, then they put their instruments up and stepped up on the risers to sing Christmas songs. (We were a small school -- 30 enrolled in "good" years, so everyone participated in all school activities). The last and final song was always "Here Comes Santa Claus" and St. Nick appeared, followed by his helpers carrying bags of candy (packed by the ladies of the American Legion Auxiliary the day before). Santa always looked suspiciously familiar to some of us as we grew older, but we didn't care since he gave us a bag of goodies if we came up to say hello or sit on his lap and tell him what we wanted for Christmas.

A wonderful bygone time, when Christmas really was a celebration of Christ's birth in the public schools.


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