Fantastic Bargains Deals on Christmas Villages, Figurines, Nativity Sets, and Nutcrackers

Christmas Villages
Christmas Villages

Fantastic Bargains Deals on Christmas Corner

There is a fantastic Christmas sale going on at just in time for the Holiday Season. Just go to their Christmas Corner. No Christmas decorations would be complete without wonderful Christmas villages, figurines, nativity sets, and nutcrackers.

Amazon is offering great deals on all these great items. If you are looking for the best selection and prices for Christmas decorations, you can shop from the comfort of your own home and avoid all the crowds and hassles by going to Here are some highlights of current top selling items.


Best Selling Christmas Villages and Figurines

Best Christmas Villages Deals

Top Selling items include:

  • Christmas in the City – Yankee Stadium;
  • Christmas in the City – Dickens A Christmas Carol Glensford School;
  • Christmas in the City – Village 64 City West Parkway Lit House;
  • Christmas in the City – Molly O’Brien’s Irish Pub.

Combine your love of classic ballparks with your love of Christmas with Yankee Stadium. Include a Christmas classic village from Dickens.

The Village 64 City West Parkway House is lighted. Finally, what is Christmas without a village depiction of a fine drinking establishment? These are just a few of the Christmas villages offered on the site

Figurines Deal for Christmas

Top Selling items include:

  • Christmas in the City – Busy City Sidewalks;
  • Christmas in the City – A Night on the Town;
  • Christmas in the City – Christmas Story Village Ralphie Visits Santa;
  • Christmas in the City – Serving Irish Ale. 

Capture the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season with City Sidewalks. What better way to celebrate than a night on the town. Any figurine of Ralphie and the classic Christmas Story adds whimsical flair. Ah, yes, and there is the drinking. Numerous options to choice from will be found.

Christmas Village by Bamboo Tonogbanua

Nativity Sets for Christmas Decoration

Top Selling items include:

  • Willow Tree Nativity Set (6 piece);
  • Williraye O’Holy Night Nativity Set (5 piece);
  • Elements Traditional Italian Nativity Set (10 piece);
  • Woodland Driftwood Christmas Nativity Figure Set (12 piece).

These items are listed from least to most expensive. Willow Tree is classic simple elegance. Williraye is distinctly ornament and beautiful. Elements is wonderfully traditional. Woodland Driftwood is very unique because the figures are carved out of actual driftwood. You can choose from hundreds more as well.

Nutcrackers for Christmas

Top Selling items include:

  • The Muppets Kermit the Frog Nutcracker;
  • Kurt S. Adler Peanuts Charlie Brown Nutcracker;
  • Kurt S. Adler Superman Nutcracker;
  • Kurt S. Adler M&M Nutcracker;
  • Kurt S. Adler Star Wars, Vader Nutcracker.

The choices for your favorite Nutcrackers are endless. Choose your theme – cartoon characters, sports characters, traditional Nutcrackers, etc. Go crazy putting together your own, unique, and personalized army of Nutcrackers. You will find choosing addictive.

Check out all the items!

Go to and check out their Christmas Corner items as described above. The selection you find will be unsurpassed. The savings are considerable. You will be buying from a retailer with an outstanding reputation. Many items ordered are shipped out the same day you place your order. You will be able to find the perfect Christmas decorations for both your home and yard.

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