Fantasy Football Trophies - 5 Great Award Ideas

Football Spinner

Why do the professional football players have all of the fun?

Well, with fantasy football leagues, now your everyday football fanatics like you and me can have almost as much fun as the players. We just need to award the winners of the leagues with Fantasy Football Trophies! With your own fantasy football awards, cups and plaques, both athletes and fans alike can be football trophy winners!

What Exactly is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a fantasy sports game in which players (often called "owners") are arranged into leagues. Each team acquires (drafts) a true professional football player. This is done by auctioning off players during rounds. When the season begins, so does the fantasy football game. Each player scores points based on the athletes' real-life statistical performances. Many leagues still play for cash prizes. How boring is that? Why not add a whole new dimension to your fantasy football league, and hand out trophies instead? And here's the fun part - you and your friends get to choose the categories that deserve the trophies!

The Winning Categories

There are many different categories you can create to add a little more spice to your fantasy football league. Here are some great examples:

1) Big Winner Trophies

The winner of the league is the owner who has collected the most points at the end of the season. If you belong to a competitive league, your team should offer a stunning trophy that everyone will want to show off in the living room, sports room, or bar! Gold-plated cups make awesome trophies for the big winners of football leagues. Who wouldn't want to imagine holding a big, golden cup over his or her head while laughing at those bitter competitors who have been utterly humiliated in their defeat! This image alone will motivate owners to a desirable victory.

2) Best Quarterback Trophies

The Quarterback is the leader of the team. Why not award the person who owns the best quarterback in the NFL? Gold or silver-plated statuette trophies make the best Quarterback trophies. Many trophys even feature a figure of a quarterback ready to throw the winning pass!

Hand Painted Football

A great way to acknowledge victory.
A great way to acknowledge victory.

3) Whiner Awards

Does your league have that one guy who whines throughout the entire draft? Or perhaps you have that girl who consistently cries about how unfair every rule is because she has the worst record in the league. Well, 'reward' this loser with a funny, tongue-in-cheek trophy. Wooden shields make perfect gag trophies because you can place practically anything on them. Place a picture of a crying baby. And don't forget the personal engraving!

4) MVP Awards

Every year the NFL announces the season's MVP (Most Valuable Player) after the Super Bowl. The owner who has this talented athlete should be rewarded. A wonderful MVP prize would be a beautiful crystal football trophy with a unique engraving.

Enamel Football Gold Medal

5) All-Player Trophies

If you want all of the owners to receive trophies for their participation and effort then small, inexpensive trophies, cups, plaques, or medals will do the trick. And best of all, many online football trophy shops offer free engraving on all orders. These are just a few trophy-worthy categories. Before the draft, talk to the owners in your league about which fantasy football trophies and categories are important to them.

David Garrard wins custom TVP Award Football Trophy

Fantasy Football: Who's Hot & Who's Not

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