Father's Day ASCII Text Art

This is ASCII art for Father's Day.

Father's seem to get less fuss made over them than Mothers do on Mother's Day. Is it because Mother's expect more? Do Mother's give everyone sentimental feelings which they don't get for Father's? I was not close to my Father myself. I did the Father's Day things out of obligation.

Not everyone feels that way. Some Father's stick around and love being part of a family. I heard of Fathers who do laundry as often as they take care of home repairs and other stereotypical man of the house jobs. I always liked hearing about that kind of Dad.

Typical Father's Day Gifts

Typical Father's Day gifts are things like socks, ties and tools. I can remember giving my Uncle a shaving kit for one holiday - it didn't occur to us that he wore a full beard and wouldn't need razors and shaving cream any time soon.

What else can you give your Father?

  • Sports equipment
  • Electronic gadgets
  • hardware gadgets
  • kitchen gadgets
  • sports tickets
  • landscaping services
  • a non-fiction book
  • gift cards so he can pick out his own socks, ties and sweaters.

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