Festive Christmas Tree Skirts For Under $25

Great Value!

This 36-inch diameter Christmas tree skirt looks great underneath a 6-foot Christmas tree. It's green with red trim with a simple illustration of Santa and reindeer greeting you!

20-Inch Skirts

Made of velveteen, this red with green trim 20-inch diameter Christmas tree skirt is great for tabletop Christmas trees. It comes in two styles. One is accented with holly and gold holographic sequined "berries" with a "Merry Christmas" message embroidered in gold. The other has three snowmen playing soccer, football, and baseball.

Skirts for Larger Trees

Looking for something different than the traditional red and green colors? Consider this 48-inch Christmas tree skirt that features Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, snow and reindeer against a light green background and trimmed with a multicolor tartan plaid trim. It also has a velcro closure.

If your taste runs to the elegant and the simple, this 26-inch velveteen tree-skirt is trimmed in hunter green and comes with a velcro closure.

This cheerful and fun 36-inch Christmas tree skirt features Santa and his snowman friends against a bright red background and uses ties for closure. It's machine washable so you can use it over and over again, year after year.

If you have a white tree and are looking for a white Christmas tree skirt to complement then take a look at this two-tone white 36-inch Christmas tree skirt with a red Santa set against red trees as decoration. Very elegant and simple, it uses ties for closure and is machine washable.

For Just a Few More Dollars

Here's something really different from the traditional tree skirt, a poinsettia-leaf design! Constructed of 8 adjustable petals accented with sparkly sequins, this sectional design allows you to position it around the base of any indoor tree, approximately 49 inches in diameter. Each petal (22" x 11-1/2") has fabric-magic tabs to attach to the next petal. The shimmering fabric of the petals is sure to capture the sparkle of the tree.

It also comes in a silver version!

Dress Up Your Christmas Tree with a Festive New Skirt

A well dressed Chritmas tree creates a beautiful picture as gifts are laid down, the tempting picture increases every family member's anticipation towards that moment when presents are exchanged. The skirt around the tree helps to hide the underpinnings and gives a wonderful background enhancing the pleasure and excitement. In addition, it catches any fallen pine needles and ornament so it's easy to keep the area orderly.

When choosing a Christmas tree skirt be sure that it coordinates with the color of your Christmas tree decorations. The color of the skirt should echo the main color of your decorations so that there is a major color note and supporting color notes.

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habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

Great choices! We always used a tree skirt when we had real trees.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi Habee, my mom always uses a tree skirt even with fake trees lol! Thanks for visiting.

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