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I think we all can agree that we enjoy getting things on sale or getting a great deal on things. From clothes, to home decor, to groceries, and more; we are always looking for ways to save.

So if you're looking for a gift for a special occasion or more specifically, you're looking for discount gift baskets, then pay attention - I'll tell you where to find some of the very best deals.

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Get Free Shipping

If you're ordering on a certain site, you can use to find promotion codes for free shipping. This is handy because shipping can get expensive!

If you're looking for he name of a specific website, check out these free shipping gift baskets for starters. There are plenty of options to choose from! As long as you order a few days before you need the gift to get there, this can be a huge savings!

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Have You Heard of Free Shipping Day?


Look For Sale Pages

Do you do a lot of online shopping? If you're familiar with the average retail website, you might know that a lot of times, companies will have a 'sale' or 'clearance' page that is filled with items that are significantly marked down.

This could be due to a surplus of the product, or the change in season, or just because. These items are great to browse over! There are lots of opportunities to find even cookie gifts on sale which any recipient would love!

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Read Some Blogs

Bloggers these days are savvy! They know what's hot, what's new, and what's awesome. So keep watch on certain blogs for the latest updates on some great deals. And if you're lucky, you might even win one of their giveaways!

Depending on what is included in the gift basket, you might even be able to save it for a gift at a later date. Unless of course there's perishable items in there!

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janices7 profile image

janices7 4 years ago

I'm all about saving money so I love free shipping and clearance sales. Great hub!

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