First Mothers Day

The first Mothers Day was first celebrated in 1907 by Anna Jarvis in Grafton, WV. Jarvis began the quest to make a national holiday devoted to mothers after her mother died in 1905. Now a nationally recognized holiday Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday each May and is a day for individuals to honor their mothers who have cared for them year after year.

How to Make Her First Mothers Day Special

On the lady of your life's first Mothers Day, you want to make sure that she knows exactly how much you care and appreciate all that she has done to help care for your child. So, how can you make a woman's first Mothers Day a special event that she will always remember? There are a variety of ways that you can make this yearly celebration a blessed one, and the options below are just a few wonderful examples.

Plan an Early Morning Treat

A great first Mothers Day surprise is breakfast in bed. Since your little one is too small to slosh around cereal in a bowl for him mommy, you can help by making a tray full of her favorite treats, and pampering her in bed while she eats. The beginning to a wonderful day should begin before her feet ever hit the floor. The idea is to make her know how much you appreciate how hard she works as a mother.

Plan a Fun Filled Day

There are a few ways that you can go about planning a fun filled day when the lady of your life is celebrating being a mother for the first time. You can either plan a relaxing day as a family, where you perhaps go on a picnic and enjoy being together, or you can plan a day where you she can relax alone or with friends. For instance, make a reservation at a local salon or spa and let her and perhaps her own mother go and have some beauty treatments done together.

Don't Let Her Do Anything

One of the best things that you can do to help a woman celebrate her first mother's day is to not let her do anything. This means that if there is cleaning that needs to be done, then you should take the initiative and do it. You can even go the extra mile and fix one or two of the projects that she has had for you, under no circumstances should she ever have to cook on her special day either. Plan a romantic or family dinner out, or cook her a delicious homemade meal at home.

Rent Her Favorite Movie

Cuddle up on the couch like you used to do when you were younger, and watch her favorite movie. For once you may have to give in and watch a chick flick, but it will be worth it to prove to her how much her work as a mother means to you.

Get Her a Thoughtful Gift

While flowers are nice, a first Mother's Day gift should be something special and thoughtful that she can keep with her forever. Try to make or purchase a present that honors her life as a mother, and the memories you have made as a family so far. For instance, you can create a picture collage puzzle made with pictures of your lady with her child the first year of its life, and also pictures of when she was pregnant. These are treasured memories that will be preserved in an enjoyable way that she will treasure forever.

There are a wide variety of ways that you can make a woman feel special and loved for her first Mother's Day. You should always try to go that extra step, and create a gift that will remind her just how much she is loved as a mother and partner in life.

Make a First Mothers Day Picture Puzzle

Choosing a gift to give the mother of your child on her first Mothers Day can be difficult. You want to give her something she can use and enjoy, but at the same time you would like the gift to be unique and special, something that she can keep forever and look back to fondly. Luckily there is a perfect gift that won't even break the bank, but will have her tearing up at how thoughtful you were to think of it.

Picture Collage Puzzles

A picture collage puzzle makes the perfect first Mother's Day present because it allows you to actually use those photos instead of shutting them away somewhere. Imagine your partner's surprise when she sees that beautiful full color puzzle lovingly made from the photos of your child and her from the last year. If your child has not been born yet, and you are still celebrating Mothers Day, you can include photos of her pregnancy, the ultrasound, or even showers that she has had for the baby.

The Cost

Full color customized picture collage puzzles can be made starting at only $79. That makes them a highly affordable gift for a first Mothers Day celebration. Not only would you be giving your special lady a wonderful keepsake, but she will get a lot more use out of it than she would if it were a gift like candy or flowers. Also, it is a present that will last a lifetime. Imagine her sitting down with your child a few years from now putting it together, and reminiscing about years past.

Size and Difficulty

These puzzles come in a variety of different sizes and difficulty levels to meet the needs of any consumer. If you want just a small puzzle that only has a few pieces, then a 35 piece puzzle would be wonderful. However, there are midlevel 500 piece puzzles, and even those that are large with thousands of pieces for those who are true jigsaw enthusiasts.


You have full control of the design that is on your picture collage jigsaw puzzle. A professional company such as can help you create the perfect gift that will warm your lady's heart on her very first Mother's Day. All you have to do is choose the overall layout or theme and send in your selection of pictures, and let the professionals do the rest.

A picture collage puzzle makes a wonderful gift for Mothers Day. So often gifts are given without thought, and only because they are expected. Why not take the time to purchase a truly unique gift for your partner's first Mothers Day celebration.

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