Fitness gift ideas, gifts for the heart from the heart!

With the holidays coming quickly shopping is on everybody's mind. Getting a good gift takes care and the best ones come from the heart. What better way to show someone you care than to get them something that will help them live healthier! So here are some great gift ideas.

Gentlemen remember this is not always the most romantic gift for a woman that does not workout yet! That is my disclaimer so good luck.

The Bosu ball is a very popular fitness tool for balance and core strength. It is a favorite of personal trainers!

A door mounted pull up bar to do body weight exercises. The Iron gym is a cost effective pull up bar that you do not have to drill holes in your door to use.

A heart rate watch is a great way to use science to guaranty results and safety in your workouts.

The Ab Coaster is a fun little Ab product that works the whole abdominal area. It works like a knee raise that is harder to cheat on. You can add weight if it you need more of a challenge.

A stability ball is one of the most versatile workout tools for under $100 today. If you want to know how to use one visit my hub on workout balls.

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carolina muscle profile image

carolina muscle 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

A heart rate watch is something most anybody will get some benefit out of!!

ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL Author

Yes sir it is the speedometer of the body!

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

It looks easy to use and give some benefit for our body. Thanks for share with us. I believe this is a great gift. Good idea from you.


fiksy02 profile image

fiksy02 6 years ago from London

i don't workout but i really won't ming getting one of these for xmas. good idea in a world where it hard to find a non anticipated gift

ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL Author

Fiksy02 thanks for reading. I hope you get what you want for xmas.

Angela_1973 profile image

Angela_1973 6 years ago

Very good gift ideas for staying fit, you can include a yoga DVD, just a suggestion, I have been trying to find a DVD with different yoga work outs as I am bored with the ones I have, something not as intense as P90X, but not for beginners either. Can you suggest one?

ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL Author

Angela I put a Iron Yoga DVD in the hub. Thanks for the advise. My wife has this one at home. I am not a Yoga expert but it is challenging. It is a slow tempo not like a Boot Camp style like P90X

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