Free Quick and Easy Easter Craft instructions build a memory

Easy Easter Egg Craft
Easy Easter Egg Craft


If you don’t have time or just don’t want to go to the trouble to boil eggs and dye them here is a Quick and Easy Easter Craft for you and your family to enjoy.

Easter Egg craft supplies
Easter Egg craft supplies


All you need are some plastic eggs, permanent markers and your imagination.

Optional items include,

Disposable plastic gloves. (Remember we are using permanent markers.

 After we finished decorating the eggs I realized the childrens hands were decorated too. )

Old clothing or an old shirt to protect the childrens clothing so they don’t become decorated .

Make A Memory!

Sit down with the children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren and build a memory.

Decorating Easter Eggs


Use the seam of the egg as a guideline to start a pattern.


Use this line to continue the pattern.


Color this in to fill.


Repeat pattern with a different color.

Add swirls, dots, spots, stars, lines, dragon flies, etc.


Choose a New design.

HAVE FUN! Let your imagination explode!

Easter Eggs


These eggs can be saved and enjoyed for a timeless memory of this special day with you and this Easter. It is a good idea to write the year and name or initials on the bottom of egg for a timeless memory.

Because these are plastic you will be able to save these eggs as a memory of this special day.

They can be put on display for many years to come.

Its fun to look back on these special eggs when the children were smaller.  Don't forget to date them.

Easter Eggs on Display

Very young artist!
Very young artist!
Spots and Dots Easter Egg
Spots and Dots Easter Egg
Easter Egg prize egg
Easter Egg prize egg

Have fun building a memory!

 Have fun building a memory!

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very neat and oooh so sweet

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