Free Santa Calls

Free Santa Calls from Google Voice

Call Santa Claus and He'll Call You Back

What's Santa's phone number? Google knows the answer, of course, and they're making it easy for anyone to call Santa Claus at the North Pole and leave him a message. Santa's phone number is toll free: 855-34-SANTA.

This is Santa's phone number at the North Pole and even though he's too busy to answer right now, you can leave a message after hearing his personal voicemail message. After receiving your message, you can also get a free call from Santa.

How to Get Free Santa Calls

Getting free Santa calls is easy. Just visit Send a Call from, a free website run by Google Voice. They'll ask you a few simple questions about the person to whom you'd like to send the Santa call, such as whether the person is a boy or girl, where they live, what they'd like for Christmas, etc. Typical Santa data.

But Google also adds a sense of humor and makes it fun to personalize your call by giving silly answers to the questions. For instance, you can choose a state as your recipient's location, or you can indicate they live in places such as "la la land," "the hood" or "outer space."

You can also choose some fun options to indicate the gift your free Santa call recipient wants this Christmas - from a generic new toy to "a hot date" or "a job." And when Santa calls, he'll use whatever nickname you've chosen from the dropdown list, from dude and princess to cutie pants or stud. This Santa's got a sense of humor.

After you make all your selections, you can listen to a preview of your free Santa call and then send it via email or have Santa call the phone number you enter. It's easy, free and fun, just like virtually everything else Google offers.

Have You Tried Google's Free Santa Calls Service? 23 comments

Megan 6 years ago

Hey santa

kassidy 6 years ago

take me for a ride in your big red sleigh

shahla 5 years ago

hello santa does rudolf really have a red nose x

shahla 5 years ago

:o hi santa

smorter 5 years ago


SAMIR 5 years ago

HI SANTA HOW ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LIKE SANTA

kaity 5 years ago

hi santa

donovan 5 years ago

i want bring me xbox 360

amelia 4 years ago

hi santa

emily 4 years ago

please don't put me on the naughty list. i have tryed to be good

dert 4 years ago

hi hi hi hi hi sorry i gut relly love you

saria m. 4 years ago

sant you are a ....................................I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANTA

ELF #7 4 years ago


Mrs. Clause 4 years ago

Kris? You left Rudolph's food out when you went to the store earlier... If I find it here again, it is going into your lunch! Now, come be naughty with me......

larissa 4 years ago

I love santa so much I don't know anybody who would hate him I know I . love santa he gives me such cool presents

kylee 3 years ago

santa what is your number if you wanna call me my number is 4550481

Karen Amos profile image

Karen Amos 3 years ago


Bella 2 years ago

What is your phone number

Sia 2 years ago

Hiiiii santa

madi 2 years ago

is this really you if it is don't put me on the naughty list

lidia 2 years ago

What is your phone number because I want to call you and see where you are at

Cory 2 years ago

I am 6 years old and in the first grade

KarimarJ. & KamilaJ. 2 years ago

We are good sisters. HoHoHo Mom gave us food for your Reindeers. ;-)

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