Fun and Wacky Easter Parade Ideas for Children


Easter Parade Ideas for Children

A wonderful way to celebrate Easter is by hosting children's Easter Parades, either at home, in the community or your local church. Involve children in the creation of funny, creative easter hats using artificial flowers and palm leaves. But more important is planning an entire mini parade around the Easter theme by decorating bikes, strollers, wagons and carts.

Making Easter Parade decorations

For Easter decorations collect a range of ribbons, colored paper and tissue paper, dried and artificial flowers, twigs, palm leaves, old greeting cards, bows, baskets, plastic eggs, toy bunnies and a bunch of magazines for cut outs. Children can cut out pictures like bunnies, flowers and other fun colorful images. Streamers can be made from ribbons and the baskets can be decorated with flowers and cards and filled with eggs or bunnies.

Decorating Bikes and wagons.

Old wagons can be repainted and decorated with glued on flowers, cut outs from magazines and cards. Bikes can be made parade ready with colorful streamers made from ribbons and flowers. Ensure that you have a lot of glue on hand to attach ribbons bows and flowers. The use of balloons in Easter colors like pink yellow, blue and white is a great asset to a children's Easter parade. Balloons can be attached to wagons and bikes for that festive look and children in the parade can also carry bunches of balloons.

The Easter Parade Hat

Making the Easter parade hat is is easy and fun adults and children alike. You can start with low cost straw hats found at your local discount, thrift store or use any hat you have in your house. The key is decorating the hat regardless even if it is a basebal cap or a touque, Decorate hats with colorful flowers; each hat can have its own theme with one color or flower type, or a mixture of different colors and flowers. Add ribbons, bows and streames to the hats, but the sky is the limit when decorating an Easter parade hat or an Easter bonnet. So be creative by adding bunny figures, chicks and picture cut outs and other fun items.

Easter Baskets

What is an Easter parade without an Easter basket. Use baskets with handles which are much easier to carry in a parade. If the baskets are plain, paint them or glue on colorful tissue paper and decorate. There is no restriction on what you can decorate an Easter basket with and the more creative you get the more fun these baskets will be in a parade. The baskets can be empty or filled with treats or fun items like easter eggs, chicks and bunnies.

The Parade

With the preparation complete it is time for the parade. A parade can have as few as three children or several children. If, for instance, the parade involves the neighbourhood kids, adults will coordinate the activities and map out the parade route. The childern will take their places at the start of the parade route and anyone can join in. Colorful wagons, bikes and Easter hats make for a memorable Easter parade.

An Easter parade is fun for all regardless of the size. It is also the most enjoyable Easter event that you can organize that wouldn't cost you a bundle. Get the children involved in decorating hats, bikes and other items used in the parade and they would enjoy the experience so much more since it is their parade. Parents are welcome to join in the festivities.


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