Funny Costume Ideas for Halloween


Fast, Funny Costume Ideas You Can Make at Home

Sure, anybody can dress up like a witch or a werewolf for Halloween, but where's the creativity in that?

If you need a fast costume on a budget, here are some funny costume ideas you can create at home. You may not be the best dressed person at the Halloween party, but these costumes are sure to get a few grins (or groans).

Silly Costumes in a Jiffy

Here's a list of silly costumes you can make a home.

Tic Tac Toe - Glue a container of Tic Tacs to the toe of your shoe.

Paper Shredder - Get some sheets of paper or old bills and envelopes and punch a hole in them. Then put a ribbon or rope through the hole and tie it around your neck. When someone asks what you are, shred some paper!

Quarter Pounder - Carry around some quarters and a hammer. When someone asks you what you are, pound a quarter.

Freudian Slip - Wear a slip with a sign on it that says "Freud."

Split Personality Costume


More Costume Ideas

Devil's Advocate - Carry a sign that says, "Vote for the Devil."

Quarterback - Wear a black shirt and tape a quarter to your back.

Blessing in Disguise - Put on a pair of dark sunglasses and a dark hat and wear a sash that says, "Bless You."

Cereal Killer - Dress in black and glue mini cereal boxes to your shirt. Stick plastic knives into the boxes and add some ketchup for "blood."

Black-Eyed Pea - Paint black circle around your eye and wear a white T-shirt with a large letter "P" on it.

Zebra - Wear a bra on the outside of your shirt and paint the letter "Z" on it.

A Shadow - Dress all in black and paint your face black, and then follow your friend, date or spouse around the Halloween party.

Buccaneer - Hang a dollar from each ear.

CD Burner - Wear a blank CD around a neck and carry a pack of matches or a lighter.

God's Gift to Women - Gift wrap a large box and cut holes in the top and sides for your head and arms. Add a gift tag that says "To: Women" and "From: God."

A Highway- Wear a black shirt with yellow double lines painted down the middle and glue or pin toy cars to the shirt.

Babysitter - Strap a doll to your rear-end and sit on it.

Peter Pan - Put a pan on your head with a name tag on it that says, "Hello, I'm Peter."

Mailman - Dress in a light blue shirt and dark blue pants and sew a stuffed dog's mouth to your pant leg or bottom.

Dr. Pepper - Wear medical scrubs and attach peppers to your shirt.

Identity Crisis - Wear any color shirt and stick name tags, each with a different name, on the shirt.

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Racheal Ambrose profile image

Racheal Ambrose 7 years ago from Indiana

Love it! Cereal killer is great

stags 7 years ago

too corny

cosette 7 years ago

haha! cereal killer and quarter pounder...:D fun hub!

talfonso profile image

talfonso 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

I already decided my Halloween costume this year - the boy who freaked out due to a mother canceling his account. I'll dress as Identity Crisis for the 2010 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, with name tags bearing names of the Disney characters!

none of the above 7 years ago

im dressing normally annd goins as a muggle from harry potter

****JAYDEN*** 7 years ago


bob 7 years ago

cool! love the mailman! so funny:)

7Z.90 7 years ago


SOCKS 7 years ago

i think that they idenity cris is super coolio ( my word) but u could be a vampire clown paint your face white with a red nose big shoes and black shirt and pants. Also wear fangs and use FAKE bllod on your face. and have on eof those water squirters shaped like a flower and put ared died water in it.

bigwheeze 6 years ago

LOL gods gift to women.

Joe 6 years ago

That's the worst list of costume ideas I've ever seen. Quarter Pounder? Seriously?

Granny's House profile image

Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

I love halloween. Great hub

MeowChow 6 years ago

Cow is still better

Wow 6 years ago

These are dumbest costumer ideas I've ever heard.

Me 6 years ago

Haha these are fuuuuuunnnnny :))))

that was terrible 6 years ago

you should be embarassed, every single idea was pathetic

Keryn 6 years ago

I was a "Girl Gone Wild" I just work a sleeveless flesh colored tank & cut out a rectangle piece of black cardboard and stenciled CENSORED in white and attached it to the shirt. Some beads, maybe a wig and perfect! It was a huge hit! :)

furnitureplans profile image

furnitureplans 6 years ago from Lakewood, CO, USA

Here's another idea that my friend Sean did, although it's not nearly as simple as the Halloween costume ideas mentioned above! :)

He covered himself in Post-It notes and went to work as the guy on the cover of the Office Space DVD.

If anyone is interested, here are the step-by-step instructions

and the photos of his Office Space Halloween costume:

Barney Flavin 6 years ago

These ideas would be funny for a church group or some other organization where no real creative humor is allowed.

Put a pan on your head with a name tag on it that says, "Hello, I'm Peter."

I think I would beat someone up for doing this.

Diana 6 years ago

I love the Tic Tac idea. I'm not big on dressing up for halloween so that idea is perfectm! Thanks!

Nikki 6 years ago

These are CLEARLY quick funny ideas you can whip together in a few minutes.. Hense the title. I dont think they were supposed to be detailed and super creative. DUH.

Marti 6 years ago

Last year I went as a ceiling "fan". I made ceiling fan blades as a hat, then put stickers all over me saying "go ceilings", and "ceilings rule". It was cheap, and got a lot of laughs.

chubatemjen profile image

chubatemjen 6 years ago

Good creativity..! Let me try out one...@

Christine S profile image

Christine S 6 years ago from Australia

Lisa you have some really creative ideas here. Brilliant and easy to implement. I love the God's gift to women idea.

rita  6 years ago


Fun Costumes 6 years ago

Thanks for the Great Costume Ideas

my moms epic fail 6 years ago

these r sooo funny i do like the comment about the ceiling fan i think i'll do that!!!! last year my friend dressed up like gum on a shoe!~!! she put a shoe on her head and died her hair pink and dressed in pink. also i heard of someone dressing in all blue a put cotton balls in different areas on the shirt-he was a draft in the weather

redshineyshoes 6 years ago

I'm gonna tape smartie candies all over my pants and go as a "smartie pants." It's my favorite quick solutions to costuming.When you have five kids to outfit, the last thing I need is another complicated costume for Halloween! Love these "punny" ideas.

nusdistass 6 years ago

u could also be a nudist on strike by putting on normal clothes and walk around carrying a sign that says NUDIST ON STRIKE!!!!!

Fem fem 6 years ago

Well I think u are all tards.......

Sam Lowry 5 years ago

On Halloween I'm going to walk to the Halloween party on my block in regular clothes. When people ask what I am I'll say a werewolf. They'll say I dont look like one then ill say dumbaass its not a full moon.

mom 5 years ago

I once did the ceiling fan idea (Purim - not Halloween) - I just had a cap that said "Go Ceilings!" and carried around pom-poms. Another year, I put a little bit of brown lipstick around my the outside of my lips and I went as a chocoholic!

Rocky 5 years ago

Yes, it's funny halloween costume ideas, Happy halloween to all

PiSquare 5 years ago

Going as either pi or a square... Haven't decided yet.

SammyDrago profile image

SammyDrago 5 years ago from London, UK

I totally laughed at the Quarter Pounder! I have to do this at a fancy dress party for a laugh!

StephenSMcmillan profile image

StephenSMcmillan 5 years ago

Funny costumes. Love them.

Sapple 5 years ago

Last year I glued barbie dolls to a black sweatshirt and my husband went as a chick magnet. I glued G.I. Joe dolls to a dress fake blood I was a man eater. We were the best of the night!

beverly 5 years ago


A flanel night gown, cold cream on your face (or a white face cream), rollers in your hair and fluffy slippers with a sign that says 'EVERY MAN'S NIGHTMARE'!

magodis profile image

magodis 5 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nice set of Costumes. Pleased to Know.

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