Gangster Costumes

Gangster Halloween Costumes

Gangster Halloween costumes are awesome, and the look from the times of the 1920s through the 1940s continues to attract men and women to dress in those styles at Halloween and when they're participating in their cosplay events.

As you'll see from the gangster costumes I've included below, both men and women enjoy dressing up in that way, and the gangster costumes really look great on them all; there's even a real funny one I've included that would be a hoot to wear.

One of the aspects of gangster costumes I really enjoy is the fit and style of that time. Of course the stripes, which were a major part of that fashion of that era, really give a distinctive look and readily identifiable feel to the costumes.

So whether you're a man or woman, gangster costumes continue to be a terrific niche Halloween costume to wear, and they would look great no matter what time of the year you wear them.

Mobster Boss Gangster Costume, Black/White

Fat Halloween Gangster Costume

This is of course an attempt at the fat cat gangster look which some think of, and it's a hilarious costume, and would really be enjoyable to wear and see. Notice the big guy doesn't have a gun, he leaves that to his underlings to do the dirty work while he enjoys his cigar.

I really like this unique gangster Halloween costume, and would find it great to wear.

Fat Gangster Halloween Costume

Women's Gangster Costumes

These next couple of photos show what is considered a gangster's moll, and they're a lot of fun, cute and sexy, for those bold enough to wear these costumes.

Now did you notice the brass knuckles for a heel on the second picture down? Funny!

I love the hats the ladies wear, they really add to the gangster look. Fun gangster costumes.

Sexy Women's Gangster Costume

Men's Gangster Shirt, Vest And Tie, Black/White, One Size Costume

Cute Gangster Moll Costume

Gangster Costumes for Men

The two costumes for men below really look good to me, and if I had to choose I would probably want the first one shown, although that's more because I can see the entire ensemble. The one below that one doesn't show the shoes, and your really need to see the types of shoes worn to get the overall picture of the gangster costume, as it was an important part of the overall look of that period of time in history.

Men's Gangster Costume

Nice Striped, White Gangster Costume

I've Gotta Get Me a Gangster Costume

As you can see, there's one word that would easily describe wearing a gangster costume, and that would be fun. These are just great, and reminds you of a long-gone era - as far as fashion goes - and is really compelling and enjoyable to look at. I've got to get me some of that.

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