Creative Halloween Decoration Idea - Garbage Bag Spider

Halloween can be a very exciting time for kids and adults alike. Carving pumpkins, dressing up in costumes, and let’s not forget the cache of candy for your child at the end of the night.

But what about Halloween decorations? It’s alright to purchase decorations every year, but if you are like me, finding room to store them for the next year can be difficult.

So why not use what you might already have, and make it a fun craft experience with your children? Here is a Halloween decoration idea that you and your children can do together.

Garbage Bag Spider

I remember the first time I went to a Halloween party and saw a huge spider sitting on top of the roof of my friend’s car. It was pretty cool affect and really set the mood for the night.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Black Trash Bags
  • Electrical Tape (Black, yellow, red or white)
  • Old newspapers/newspaper mailers
  • Paper plates

Step 1

The first step calls for stuffing two black trash bags with crumpled up newspaper. I receive tons of newspaper advertising mailers in my mailbox twice a week, and around this time is a good time to begin putting those aside. Alternatively, you can start saving up some of the newspapers you receive regularly, and for those on the east coast, save some of those leaves you rake and use them instead (After Halloween they’ll already be in garbage bags which kills two birds with one stone).

Step 2

When stuffing the bags, make sure you have one larger than the other. The larger bag you will use as the body, and the smaller one will be the head. Tie each bag at the end and use the electrical tape to tape the two bags together at the ties.

Step 3

Next, cut one black bag down the length of each side and unfold so that the bag is twice it’s length. Lay flat and place additional crumpled up newspaper filling it like a burrito lengthwise. Roll the bag as you would a camping bag and tape at the ends, leaving about 2 inches extra.

Step 4

Tape tight around the legs at two even intervals so that you have 4 even quarters. These will act as joints for the spider’s legs. If you are lucky enough to have red, yellow or white electrical tape, this will give some color to the spider and make it stand out a little more. Repeat 8 times, or however many legs you would like your arachnid to have.

Step 5

Using the extra ties on the ends of the legs, tape one side to the body of the spider using black electrical tape.

Step 6

Take a few paper plates, cut out circles to be used as the eyes and triangles to be used as fangs. Decorate them accordingly using colored pens or crayons. Tape them to the spiders head using the electrical tape.

That’s basically it. Once you have it ready, it's all about location, location, location. On top of the roof or above the front door is a great place to put it. Or as my friend did, on the roof of her car in the driveway.

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