Gift Ideas For Football Coaches


Our football coach is the mastermind of every game hat we play during the season. Yes he is not the one who does the leg work but he authors the game plan and that is a very challenging job. So giving him an extra special gift on his special day would really give him the importance he is due to received. Below are gift suggestions that you might want to consider.

1. Autographed Football

The is the most common memorabilia that one can give to a coach. This is a very easy and convenient gift. Just simply get a hold of a football then let your team mates sign it. You may also add some short messages beside your name. You may use a silver ink in writing to make the letters more visible, or you may also opt for your team color to show the spirit of unity. In this way you may be able to show your appreciation to your coach through the one thing that all of you share, and that is football.

2. Autographed Team Helmet

Aside from using a football, you can use one of your football helmets to incorporate a football theme unto your gift. Get one of those helmets and passed it around your group for them to sign or write a short message.

3. Personalized Football

Personalized football is a football made especially for your coach. This means that tehe name of your coach is being engraved unto the skin of the football. There are a number of stores that offers this kind of extra perks so just inquire about it befire you purchase a football. You may also add the name of the team to remind of you and your team mates.

4. Photo ball

A photo ball is a football stuffed with different pictures. These are sold in many local stores but it comes quite expensive. The photos that are incorporated unto the ball must be something that can remind your coach about your games in that season. This is like a picture frame but of different size and form.

5. Short Video Presentation

This gift is very unique but it requires more effort that any other gifts mentioned. It is because way before you have the thought of giving a gift, you must have a number of short footages and video clips of your previous games. These clips will then be edited and arranged in an interesting manner to form a short video presentation. You may also include in your presentation short messages coming from your team mates or from his family member to have that personal touch. Again this requires effort but will surely wow and touch your coach.

6. Hobby Gifts

You may also give your coach something that is relate to his hobby even if that is not related to football. First, you have to find out the things that your coach loves to do or interest him aside from football, then pick something that is related to that hobby. For example if your football coach likes to go fishing on a weekend then buy him books or magazines about fishing or for an extra special gift buy him a new set of fish rod. Got the picture? Give him anything that relates to his hobby.


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