Gift Ideas For The Girly Girl

Gifts For The Girly Girl

When you think of the girly girl the character that Reese Witherspoon played in the Legally blonde movies probably comes to mind. But that's pretty much a stereotype and you will find that the girly girl isn't dumb and she certainly isn't self absorbed and interested in only what concerns herself.

Instead the girly girl loves everything feminine and enjoys looking her best, she could be your mom, your wife, your daughter, your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend or maybe she's you!

Some things to remember when shopping for the girly girl is that although she enjoys the latest styles and fashions the true girly girl is never limited by just what is in style. Instead she enjoys everything that is beautiful and feminine whether its jewelry or a new fragrance.


gift ideas for the girly girl
gift ideas for the girly girl

Perfume For The Girly Girl

The perfect perfume for a girly girl is something light and airy but not strong and overpowering with a floral and or fruity undertone

A few popular perfumes that would be perfect for the girly girl are Fancy by Jessica Simpson, Wrapped With Love by Hillary Duff and M by Mariah Carrey. All of these perfumes smell awesome so your hardest choice will be in just choosing one fragrance.

Jewelry For The Girly Girl

Most women love jewelry and the girly girl who is no exception loves pretty sparkling things, which of course includes jewelry of all kinds.

And depending on her age and taste in jewelry you should find something here that will appeal to most if not all girly girls.

Whether it's the very popular crystal heart shaped strawberry necklace or the pink crystal double hear pendant or perhaps she would the gorgeous pink sapphire bracelet profiled below.

gift ideas for the girly girl
gift ideas for the girly girl

Handbags For The Girly Girl

The girly girl loves handbags and if she could she would probably have a different one for every outfit and day of the week.

So she is sure to appreciate any of the cute handbags that you will find profiled below. Normally designer handbags can be a little pricey but you will find that most anything by Chocolate New York, Roxy and Jessica Simpson to all be fairly affordable.

Cute Toe Rings

Any girly girl will adore a cute little toe ring or ttwo to adorn her dainty toes this spring and summer.

The best jewelry doesn't have to be the most expensive, instead try picking out something beautiful and unique that fits her personality.


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