Gift Ideas-The gift that provides Family Memories

Give the gift of our time to our Family

Enjoy your family while you can
Enjoy your family while you can

Holidays provide lasting memories!

There is more happiness in Giving than Receiving!

Were you brought up believing that ?

I have always felt that way so I liked to give gifts that I felt would be really appreciated and provide some joy to the receiver rather than have the gift returned to the shop like thousands of others are each year.

So many people have an overabundance of material possessions that they really don't need all the extra stuff that they get 2-3 times a year yet it just keeps coming .

When you think back through time it is the holidays or special days out that come to mind and bring back fond memories so why not share a holiday club membership with your family and have them create more memories.

Children crave our time and attention more than expensive presents and often spend more time playing with the cardboard box the present came in!

Why not plan a family holiday and try something new together as a family !

Give of your time , laughter and fun.

Have no idea what to try ?

Are you trying to choose a gift for your partner/ children or relatives?

This is a great gift for retirement / wedding or any other time.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Many people that are getting married now already have most of the household items they need

so rather than buy them a 3rd toaster or 10th set of sheets that wont be used for 20- 30 years why not all chip in towards an amazing honeymoon somewhere exotic!

An Alaskan Cruise or a week or 2 in Greece or Mexico ?

There are many options to choose from with weeks away from just $299 and up/

Retirement Gift - how about a Cruise

Ideal Retirement Gift !
Ideal Retirement Gift !

Fun Ideas for family holiday! Watersports !

Learn a new skill!

Watersports .

Buy everyone a set of snorkelling gear and check out the world under the water!

A kayak or canoe creates a lot of fun.

Try fishing for your dinner

Boogie boarding or for the more adventourous - surfing!!

Have fun learning new skills with your kids!
Have fun learning new skills with your kids!

work to live dont live to work

Spend time as a family together
Spend time as a family together

Resort stays from $299

Put a voucher for a weeks holiday in a gift basket !
Put a voucher for a weeks holiday in a gift basket !

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are always nice-  A travel gift basket is a fun idea!
Gift baskets are always nice- A travel gift basket is a fun idea!

Options for presents

One way of giving holidays as presents is to Join the club yourself 

These prices are only till Jan 10 2011! Get in quickly !

$399 for 1 year

$2999 for 5 years

$3999 for Family Life time Membership .( with free holiday at moment ! )

When you want to give a holiday as a present you can give them a guest pass to book the holiday or cruise themselves or do it as a surprise.

You might like to give them a membership as a gift from a group of you so they can carry on having great price holidays


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