Gift Ideas for Families

Throughout the year, families gather for a variety of reasons but the most special would be family gatherings during the Christmas season.  People visit families of relatives and friends to celebrate the reason for the season and savor the Holidays.  Part of the celebration is gift-giving to follow God’s act of generosity and to pay forward the blessings received throughout the year.  We learn that making other people happy bounces back the happiness to you, several folds. 

Gift-giving oftentimes become a tough task because it is difficult to guess which item will be truly appreciated by the recipient.  This becomes tougher if you have lots of people in your list.  To make it easier, narrow down your list by grouping family members as one and present one special gift that everybody can enjoy simultaneously or alternately.  Below are five gift ideas that families will truly appreciate receiving this Christmas or any time of the year.


This revolutionary wireless reading device is a perfect gift idea for families that love reading, especially for those who love to travel as well. This is also great for families with college students. Being Amazon’s #1 bestseller for two consecutive years, there are already lots of product reviews and costumer feedbacks published on this item. 

Click on this link to learn all you need to know about kindle such as amazing product features and technical details, kindle screen comparison with traditional LCDs, product reviews and comparison among different kindle models . If the family values education, information and literature then this gift idea will be worth your every buck. As a bonus, you may opt to download free kindle contents before you present the gift so they can use it right away. Kindle contents are not only books, there are games too!!! Choose from among the variety of available games: puzzles, math, logic, words, strategy and card games, you name it. Familiar games are Jumble Puzzles, Kindle Crossword, Scrabble, Solitaire, Triple Town, Mathdoku, and Sudoku and a lot more. Some are free and others are available at reasonable prices.

Digital Photo Frame

More than a decade ago, Papa Sez had envisioned the coming of a digital photo frame as a response to the increasing patronage to digital cameras. There should be a way to store the voluminous number of pictures that the digital system effortlessly creates and a way to appreciate them whenever and wherever we want to. Nowadays, digital photo frame is becoming an integral part of a household. For this reason, digital photo frame is a great gift idea to families who have been accumulating pictures but have not viewed them for so long. Pictures should often be viewed to refresh memories of good old times and make you feel grateful for life’s blessings and this can be conveniently provided by digital photo frames that can be programmed for a daily slide show … and you can also add music, if you wish too. Throughout the years of existence of digital photo frames in the market, more and more improvements have been made. View this link to the knowledge center to have a more informed decision in choosing the brand and model.

Wii Sports

For active families or families with member(s) that need encouragement to move and be more active, Wii Sports as gift will be great. Wii Sports by Nintendo has transformed video game into a family affair. It offers fun and fitness for everyone. Let them play tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and boxing right in the comfort of their home.

Nintendo Wii, a seventh generation video game console is now available in three colors: white, black and red. The original version is bundled with Wii Sports, newer version has Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort (a sequel to Wii Sports with 12 different sports to play) and the Wii Motion Plus, which has enhanced motion tracking and sensing technology for improved game play quality. Our family has tried this and we can attest that it’s a fun alternative form of exercise, definitely releases tension, offers family bonding opportunities and gives you the real feel!

Picnic Backpack/ Picnic Basket

Outdoor enthusiasts will seriously appreciate a Picnic Backpack or a Picnic Basket as family gift. Picnic backpack will save them the hassle of preparation because everything is neatly tucked inside, including a cozy blanket.  This gift idea is best for a family of four.  Every time they go out on a picnic, you will always be remembered, you’ll never know you might even get invited.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets have always been an easy solution to gift giving dilemmas but you can make this more meaningful and highly appreciated. Opt for themed gift baskets and match the theme with the preferences of the family members as you know them. There are gift baskets for coffee lovers, chocolate lovers, wine lovers, for health enthusiasts and more. For instance, present a heart healthy gourmet food basket that contains only healthy but flavorful treats to a family of health buffs.  This will convey your message of concern together with your wishes of merriment.

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Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

These are practical gift suggestions for the family. I love the picnic backpack and picnic basket. We are 3 in the family(I and my 2 daughters) and recently, we have forged a consensus to go places on regular basis, to enjoy life. This gift idea will save me from anxiety as I usually do the packing. Thanks for sharing this.

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