Gift Ideas for Guys if You're a Gal

Mostly, guys are easy to buy for. They're often pretty transparent about their needs, likes and wants, and we as women are, of course, very in tune to just such things. In other words, men are oblivious, even to an obvious sign (such as, "I'd really love to have one of these awesome things!"), while we catch all the clues, subtle and otherwise. Sigh. It's just the way it is.


Does your man love music? If he's anything like my guy, he can't have enough music, be it MP3s or on CD and vinyl, usually all three. For the portable player type, a gift card for music downloads is ideal. Otherwise, a box set of a favorite artist makes a great gift. My guy loved the Beatles remastered box set that came out a couple of years back, but there are loads to choose from in either CD or LP.

Something a young man about to enter the workforce might not think of getting himself is a classy, handsome watch, like a Bulova chronograph. (Probably not in his budget, anyway, if he did think of it.) There are more expensive and less expensive ones, to be sure, but the Bulova is a solid, quality timepiece, that gives plenty of bang for the buck without breaking the bank.

My guy is one of a rare breed who hates TV. In all likelihood yours is not. These days HDTVs are practically being given away. You can find HDTVs for under 500 dollars -- which is slightly painful for those of us who bought them for two or three times the price years ago.

A Don't

What not to get, unless you're doing white elephant gifts at work or something, is the silly, game-y crap that feature next to men's clothing in big department stores. Coin counters, chinese checkers, game globes, deck shufflers, and all sorts of stuff in wood-look boxes and green felt, only seem to appear around the holidays. No one wants them, probably not even the Salvation Army. Here's what this type of "gift" says: "I'd rather spend $19.99 on this cheap-looking tin stuffed with a fold-up board for a game no one has played in over 30 years than spend a second thinking about what you might actually like." But, hey, sometimes that's just how you feel.


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