Gift Ideas for a Teacher

Suggestions from a Teacher

Have you have ever found yourself agonizing over what inexpensive gift to give to your child's teacher? Do you want to avoid coming off as trite or cliche, but still provide something useful? Do you want to give something unique that is sure to be appreciated?

I am a teacher, and here are a few of my favorite things to receive from students and their parents:

Suggestion #1: Homemade Items

I enjoy getting sincere cards and letters, pictures of the student in my class (unframed or just paper-matted), and anything I can put in a scrapbook. Useful crafts are great, too. We are always looking for attractive ways to store our many papers, writing utensils, and other supplies. Homemade baking is always appreciated, as well!

Suggestion #2: Gift Cards

As long as the gift cards are for stores that are very general and can be used by anyone, I recommend them. However, I do recommend that if you can, you hold onto the original receipt in case the gift card is accidentally thrown away by a well-meaning child, relative, or maintenance person!  Some good gift cards that are useful to everyone include:

  • Gas cards
  • Bookstores
  • Supercenters

Suggestion #3: Things for the Classroom

As a middle school teacher, I can go through up to a pack of pencils or pens in a week, just "lending" them out to the students who need them. Pencils and pens may not exactly be exciting, but I would love to receive them. In fact, I make a habit of ordering a pack of personalized pencils for other teachers on my team as a holiday gift, and they are always a hit! I get mine from Oriental Trading Company, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Grading pens are also a great idea. I don't like to grade all in red, and my school only provides red or black pens for me, so I spend a great deal of money on multi-colored packs of flair pens and gel or roller ball pens.

Many teachers also use grading stamps or encouraging stickers in their classrooms, and these are also very useful. We also enjoy cute pads of sticky notes, high-quality office supplies such as vinyl-coated colored paperclips, and classroom-friendly games like Upwords and Boggle. I have also rarely met a teacher that didn't enjoy a good book!

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dosters profile image

dosters 6 years ago from Chicago

I like the classroom materials suggestion. Sometimes things as simple as Mr. {so and so}'s pencil" written on his pencils can send a message to students that their teachers really care.

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