Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Green Minded

Being a environmentally responsible citizen does not have to be all about recycling and clothe baby diapers. Gift giving can be part of your mission to save the world too! Here are multiple ideas for wrapping your presents in creative, yet practical ways:

  • While everyone has seen a gift wrapped in newspaper before, watch your recipient's surprise when they see the classy touch of a red string or ribbon tied around the gift.
  • Comic book pages are a great alternative for kids.
  • If you have a friend into interior decorating, why not wrap his or her present in wallpaper scraps?
  • A reader? Book covers will take you far.
  • How about some sheet music wrapping for a musician?
  • A romantic? Substitute fresh flowers for ribbons or bows.
  • Having a going-away present for your world traveling friend? Maps make great wrapping paper.
  • Your sister just graduated from cooking school? How about wrapping her gift in a new apron?
  • A fashionista? Wrapping that fabulous shirt in that to-die-for scarf has never been so chic.

Hopefully, you are not doing ALL of the giving and are getting some presents too! Chances are some of your friends and family will not become such green gift-wrappers as soon as you. That's okay, don't beat them up too much!

Setting a good example is the best way to encourage good behavior. Simply set aside the wrappings and if they try to throw them out, let them know you are holding on to it to reuse in the future. Perhaps, they will be encouraged if you point out the money you will save by not having to shell out for new ribbons and paper every year.

If you still feel like you want to wrap your gifts old-school, have no fear – recycled gift wrapping paper is here! You can also purchase raffia ribbons, instead of using metallic or plastic.

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