Gift giving is hard when you’re broke-inexpensive, simple ways to make their holiday special, straight from the heart.

That time of the year is here

Ah, that time of the year is here again. And for those of us that are broke, well it’s safe to say that we are not exactly decking the halls.

I think that most of us still fail to see what the spirit of Christmas is. Every year we are reminded that it is the thought that counts and a sincere spirit of caring and sharing. But no, we still somehow forget, and we feel frustrated along with so many other emotions, because we want to impress and put our points across in a well priced beautifully packaged gift.

I believe for many, the main point we want to convey when giving a present is showing how much we care. For others it may very well be an urge of letting the person receiving the gift see how much money you spent on it and time spent shopping for the present.

Gifts to give when you are broke

Poem in a frame- Many people often have stocked picture frames that they purchase from the dollar bins in the department stores, they usually have them handy for use in the future also, and people own printers. So a beautiful printed poem with a thoughtful, unique message in a frame makes a thoughtful gift, one that the person can display and always admire.

Bake a cake- This kind of gift show’s you have put time and work into it. Inexpensive especially if you make it from Pillsbury or Duncan Hines. A tasty treat that goes a long way in showing someone how much you care, and if you want to get creative you can add a message on top.

The scratch offs- I don’t know too many people who do not like these, and I’m sure you don’t either. So for the ones you do know, this makes a perfect gift. It shows them that you care about what they enjoy and at the same time it just may be the lucky scratch off, imagine that.

Gift of babysitting- If you know a single parent or a couple who has not been able to take a night out for themselves because they can’t find a sitter or even afford one. Offer to babysit for them, trust me as a parent who often turned down outings because I couldn’t get a sitter, this makes an awesome gift. There is nothing like the gift of being able to get out and have a day or night to yourself when you have kids.

Cookies in a tin- Oh, thank goodness for the good ole cookies in a tin box. A glass jar works to, but a tin box may be a bit less expensive, add a little ribbon and Walla a tasty treat with pizzazz. Now, I don’t know many who would argue with receiving cookies as a gift. Make them tasty and if possible find out what their favorite kind of cookies are, you can practically find any kind of flavor in the ready cookie mixture boxes.


Don't fret or fuss about giving

What it boils down to is most people give gifts to close friends and relatives, and I doubt many people will shop for a present for a person who is known for being ungrateful, obnoxious, arrogant and generally not very nice.

Most of the people we choose to give gifts to know us well, understand are appreciative and sympathetic to our circumstances.

So I wouldn’t fret or fuss too much about giving extravagant, expensive gifts to our loved ones, they will be happy to receive a gift from the heart without worrying about the cost.

Here you have it, a list of thoughtful, kindhearted gifts to give to your loved ones on special occasions or holiday’s, and don't forget Valentine's day is coming up, this list make great ideas as well. If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them. Enjoy!

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