Gift ideas for 10 year old girls

10 year old girls are in a phase of their life when they like to pretend that they are more mature and older. So any piece of jewelry or toy which appeals to this side of them, tends to be very popular.

In this article we will look at some of the best gift ideas for 10 year old girls.

Fashion Design Studio
It can be hard to find quality educational and creative toys for children, which isn’t over priced. This little fashion studio is one of the best and cutest toys I have ever come across.

The studio kit includes great fabrics for the kids to play with, a book to draw their designs in, a mannequin and some very good instructions. It also comes with needles, thread, swatches, glue, fabric, a pencil, and a very nice pre-made dress to which the little ones can just add fancy stuff, if they want.

This is a great way to learn how to sew. If your girl has a Barbie collection she can use this kit to make clothes for them.

I don't know any 10 year old girls who don't love receiving jewelry as a gift. These pieces are all very high quality and low cost.

Hana Montana Music Jewelry Box
Hana Montana is very popular with 10 year old girls. This box plays one of her songs when you open it and it is covered in Hana Montana pictures.

The box has four felt-lined compartments to store her jewelry in.

Huffy Go Girl Girls' 20-inch
If you are buying a gift for a girl who is more into adventure and the outdoors, not a girly girl. This high quality bike might be just the right gift.

The bike has a comfortable padded saddle and soft PVC grips with streamers on the handlebars. It is decorated with blue, pink, purple and white graphics.

Hannah Montana Journal
Every young lady should have a personal journal to record her thoughts and experiences in.

The journal is able to record some of your girl's songs or thoughts and then play them back. This is a great gift for any 10 year old girl.

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Birthday gift ideas for 10 year old girl
Birthday gift ideas for 10 year old girl

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alekdo profile image

alekdo 6 years ago from Cherkassy, Ukraine

My top10 ideas:

1. Children make up kits.

2. Clothes

3. Art kits (paints, crayons)

4. Dolls

5. Sporting gear (rollers, skate shoes etc)

6. Electronic (camera, video camera)

7. Musical instruments 8. Tickets to a great event

9. Books.

10. Video games

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    Christmas gift ideas for 10 year old girl
    Christmas gift ideas for 10 year old girl
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