Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys 2015

If you are looking for cool gifts for 11 year old boys, you have reached a site that will help you with your challenge. Eleven year old boys are considered to be in the tween category which is the age in between a boy and a teenager.

The best gifts for 11 year old boys could be anything from a popular video game to a sport item to a cool electronic item. A gift in any of these categories would most likely meet the wish list of most 11 year old boys. An 11 year old boy is at an age where they are outgrowing traditional toys but do not want to give up playing with toys altogether.

Think about the personality of the 11 year old boy you are shopping for. Does he like computer gadgets, electronics, video games, music, photography, sports, etc?

The tween years are often challenging for gift ideas so I've put together a list of gift ideas that would make an 11 year old boy happy. Check out the list below for some of the best gift ideas for 11 year old boys.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: Xbox One

The Xbox ONE along with some video games would be a most wanted gift by a 11 year old boy. It is the newest in gaming technology and entertainment that video systems offer.

The Xbox One is a must have addtion for the video game collection and will make for perfect gift for the video game fan in your life.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: iPod Touch

The newest release of the Apple iPod Touch will be a most popular gift items for an 11 year old boy. It allows you take digital pictures and record HD quality video. It offers even higher quality for awesome game playing. The newest Apple iPod touch now offers video calling. 

The iPod touch is a great device for storing music, video, podcasts with multi-touch screen technology. It is the number one handheld gaming device and doubles as a MP3 player. It would make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: Apple iPad

The Apple iPad Tablet is probably one of the coolest gifts you can buy for an 11 year old boy. It is an exciting to use new piece of technology. There are so many apps available for the Apple iPad such as fun games and interesting ways to access information on the internet.

You can used the iPad to watch movies, play music, surf the internet, store pictures, play games, and so much more. It can do most things a computer can do on a 10 1/2 inch screen. You can also get many iPad accessories.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: Playstation 4 Game Console

The PS4™ system has built-in Wi-Fi and large amounts of storage for games, add-ons, music, videos and photos. Its built-in Blu-ray player shows HD movies at 1080p so you get pristine picture quality.

An 11 year old boy would love one because he could play on his own or with friends online. It is also sold with the Move bundle which lets you play the games with no hand controls. Cool gift for an eleven year old.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: Nitro Remote Control Vehicle

Remote control vehicles powered by nitro gasoline are awesome. They have a powerful engine and the speed is amazing.

It would make a exciting gift for an tween boy. They can control where it goes and it make really outstanding sounds. A gift of a nitro car will make them the hit of the neighborhood.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: College Hooded Sweatshirt

An eleven year old boy probably wouldn't like clothes unless it has a theme. Boys like to wear sports clothes and a college hoodie or NFL sweatshwirt that represents their favorite team would be a great idea. 

Team apparel is usually represented by all the teams so you can find the perfect one for the boy you are shopping for.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: Point and Shoot Digital Camera

A boy in the tween years such as 11 would like to have his own digital camera. He can take pictures when he's hanging out with his friends or just about anything he wants.

A nice point and shoot digital camera would make a great gift idea for an eleven year old. He can easily take the pictures and upload them right to the computer. Very cool gift and they come in all kinds of colors.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys: Video Games

Video games are probably the most requested gift by 11 year olds. There are so many of the most popular video games they can pick from depending on the system they have.

There are role playing games, sports games, action video games and more. I have listed a couple of the best selling video games on the right. Just make sure you are buying a video game that is for the system the boy has. 

A video game is a can't miss gift for an 11 year old boy.

Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys
Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

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