Gifts For Girls - Birthday Gifts For A 5 Year Old

Gifts For A 5 Year Old Girl

When it comes to buying presents five is one of the easiest ages there is to buy. As they get older you will find that picking the right gift gets to be a little more difficult. But at this age there is a large variety of toys geared to appeal to a young girl. Of coarse if you've never spent much time around five year old girls, or was never one yourself. Then picking out a gift for one can seem to be a little daunting.

Some things to consider when choosing a gift for a 5 year old girl is that most little girls love music, animals, dolls and anything that appeals to their girlie side. They also love playing dress up and anything to do with makeup, jewelry and pretty clothing.

Disney toys and movies are also popular with young girls so you will find that most young girls are already pretty familiar with all of the gorgeous Disney Princesses like Rapunzel and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Because there are such a large number of Disney Princesses to choose from you will probably find it a good idea to first inquire into which ones are her favorites before you actually buy.

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Buy Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

One of this years hottest new toys is the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. These cute little toys chatter , sing thier own songs and sing in harmony with other Sing-A-Ma-Jigs.

This adorable little toy makes a great gift for children of all ages. And although they are geared for the 3-6 age range you will find that even older kids enjoy playing with them.


Makeup And Beauty

Every little girls loves makeup and girlie things so why not make her feel like a beautiful princess with any one or all of the three beauty sets that you will find featured to your right.

The Disney Enchanted Princess Makeup Kit and the Princess Beauty Tote Baq along with the nail polish kit contains everything needed to make any little girl feel like a Disney Princess.


Vanity Sets For Little Girls

Both of these cute little vanity sets makes a perfect gift for the girlie girl or most any other little girl for that matter.

She'll love having her own spot where she can fix her hair, makeup and nails just like mom does.


Furreal Pets

Either of these adorable and very realistic Furreal pets makes an a good gift for any little girl who adores animals.

Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty acts just like a real cat,. When you pet her she purrs and rolls back and looks into your eyes.

Not only does the cute little Furreal walkin pup bark and wag his tail but you can also take him for walks using his remote control leash.


Digital Camera's For KIds

Buy her a digital camera. Kids love taking pictures so why not get her a sturdy little digital camera that will withstand the sometimes rough treatment that it may get from a child.


Buy A Keyboard

This interactive music station lets kids record their own music and then play it back. Music station also comes with a working microphone along with 20 kid friendly tunes and 10 different instrument sounds.


Real Mommy Little Loving Baby

This fun little interactive doll makes the perfect gift for any little girl. Doll goes from sitting to standing to walking along with you. Interactive doll knows 60 different sounds, songs and phrases.


Buy A Play Hut

Kids love playing pretend and this cute little play hut makes the perfect place to play all of their games of pretend with friends and toys.


Gifts For Girls - Birthday Gifts For A 5 Year Old
Gifts For Girls - Birthday Gifts For A 5 Year Old


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