Gifts For Girls - Gift Ideas For A 12 Year Old Girl

gifts for girls-gift ideas for a 12 year old
gifts for girls-gift ideas for a 12 year old

Gifts For A 12 Year Old Girl

If you know, have or maybe are a 12 year old girl, then you may also be looking for some gift ideas for a 12 year old girl.

12 is fun age to buy for, but it can also be a little confusing especially for grandparents and godparents who have no idea what a 12 year old is interested in.

And even though you may have been a 12 year old girl at some point in your life, times do change and what was popular with young girls 20 years ago isn't likely to be popular today.

So if you have no idea, or just need a few tips and ideas this gift buying guide will help to get you started.


Video Games For Girls

A lot of girls like to play video games so she probably already has a game system like the Nintedo Wii and or hand-held game system like the Nintendo DSi.

Although you can always find exceptions like the Mario Kart game, boys usually prefer action games and girls like games like Style Savy that focus on style, fashion and makeup as well as friendship and relationships,

To the right you will find a list of games and game players popular with girls in the 8-14 year old age rang. The games like Style Savy and Imagine Fashion Party focus more on fashion and beauty, The Pajamas Girls Charm Party game deals with fashion and beauty as well as friendship. The We Cheer2 game is more exercise orientated and Mario Kart is just a fun racing game that most anyone can enjoy.


Jewlery For Girls

Most girls love jewelry so you can't go wrong with the right piece of jewelry.

10k gold Amethyst Dragonfly Pendant

This gorgeous and dainty little dragonfly which comes on an 18 inch chain makes a great gift for young girls who love jewelry.

Sterling Silver Angel Pendant

This cute little pendant will be treasured by angel collectors, pendant comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

18k Gold Plated Blue Topaz Butterfly Pendant

This beautiful and dainty little necklace makes a great Christmas or birthday present for a young girl. Necklace comes with an 18 inch chain.


Books for Girls

The Daring Book For Girls

A popular and much loved manual of everything a girl needs to know. Book is for girls of all ages.

Ella Enchanted

A cute and enchanting new take on the Cinderella story for girls ages 9-14

Discovery Girls Fab Guides

This set of four books makes the perfect gift for young girls and offers great advice on many of the subjects that concern girls today. Set contains the guides Friendship Hardship, Sticky Situations, Getting Through Tough Times and Getting Your Questions Answered.


Harry Potter Gift Set

Harry Potter Years 1-5 makes a great gift for Harry Potter fans. Gift set contains movies 1-5 as well as an interactive Harry Potter game, 16 collectible trading cards, collectible bookmarks and over 2 hours of additional scenes and special features from the movies.

* This set will only play on HD DVD Players


Twilight Gifts For Girls

A lot of girls are into the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer, in fact you probably won't find many girls who don't love Twilight. This of course always makes Twilight a good choice when you're looking for a special gift for a girl.

When looking for a Twilight themed gift you will find tons of merchandise available like t-shirts, jewelry,jewelry boxes, key chains, books, posters, pictures, puzzles, pillows and even fleece blankets all of which can be found at the Twilight Store on Amazon. Unfortunately because of a lack of space I can only profile just a few of the many popularTwilight gifts available.

Like this Ultimate Twilight Collectors Gift Set which makes an awesome gift for Twilight fans.

The set of four movie posters from the film Twilight New Moon makes the perfect gift for Twilight Fans.

Be sure to check out the Twilight New Moon metal Jewelry boxes to your left. These boxes are the perfect collectible for any Twilight fan, and their price will no doubt increase with time.


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Molly Hawkins 5 years ago

I'm sorry, but 12 year girls don't like board games, we either don't like them or we can't be bothered. I'm a 12 yr old, well, In a week I am, so I know xD

Karen N profile image

Karen N 5 years ago from United States Author

Hi Molly,

Everyone is different, but I do know several 12 year old girls who love board games. :)

Jenna A. 5 years ago

I, personally, agree with Karen, I am 12 yrs old and luv several board games. Especially when I play them w/ my friends. And another thing 12 yr olds like is nail polish! At least my friends and I do.... :)

Riley S. 5 years ago

I am 12, and I, am obsessed w/ J-Biebs. Posters are also good ideas for 12 yr olds! (:

Riley S. 5 years ago

Oh and beauty things r gr8 2!

Anna L. 5 years ago

I am,like, a tomboy turned girly girl, and therefore like sporty things. this post really helped! Thank you! Oh and I am a bookworm and a good series is the clique by Lisi Harrison. ;)

Emma 5 years ago

I am 11,gonna trun twelve in a few months,and my friends and I are absolutely obsessed with lip gloss and perfume.I don't know about you guys,but I love lip gloss!

Oh and a great kind of lip gloss is Maybelline and Lip Smacker.

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