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Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty character which was first introduced in 1974  in Japan has a cult like following world wide where it is popular with adults as well as with young children, teens and tweens. In fact Hello Kitty merchandise like the Hello Kitty handbags,  Hello Kitty jewelry, Hello Kitty clothing and Hello Kitty watches have even been worn by some celebrities like Mariah Carey.

Hello Kitty items make a great gift for Valentine's Day, birthday's, Christmas or just because and if you or someone in your household is a Hello Kitty fan, you will find that there are tons of Hello Kitty merchandise available on the market.  And even if you're not all that familiar with Hello Kitty, you will find plenty of popular Hello Kitty gift ideas profiled on this page. So you should have no problems at all in choosing some adorable Hello Kitty gifts.

Hello Kitty Jewelry Gifts

Any Hello Kitty fan would love to receive a cute Hello Kitty Necklace and or earrings set. The hardest part will be in only choosing one because they are all so adorable.

Because of this you may even want to collect several. My personal favorite is the celebrity crystal pendant followed by the 50th anniversary buddies necklace.

Hello Kitty Ty Beanie Babies

Have you seen the Hello Kitty Ty Beanie Babies yet? They are simply adorable and make a great gift for any Hello Kitty fan. The Hello Kitty beanie babies come in several different styles and are very affordably priced which makes it easier for you to collect several different styles. At the moment  the newest style is the Hello Kitty Valentine 2011 set

Hello Kitty Watches

What girl wouldn't want an adorable Hello Kitty watch? My personal favorite is the white watch which is profiled just below.  One of the nicest things about buying a Hello Kitty watch or any of the other Hello Kitty gifts is that this is one gift that she will be able to use for a very long time.  This is because unlike other gifts a girl never grows out of Hello Kitty until maybe the day she passes it on to her own kids.

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Spider Girl 5 years ago from the Web

Beautiful hub! Hello Kitty accessories are always cute enough to be gifted :) Voted up and rated beautiful!

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