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There are many reasons for giving someone a gift, birthdays wedding, new baby, graduation, Mothers Day and Fathers day and Christmas are just a few special times of the year when we purchase a gift for people we know and appreciate.

If we take some time to give what we give some thought that goes beyond honouring someone and think about what good that gift can do then we begin to change the nature of gift giving.

For example we could give a child who is in the primary grades a book that will not only tell that child a good story but help them understand the world around the.

The Kids Can Press publication One Hen tells the story of Kojo and was inspired by true events. Kojo is a boy from Ghana and transforms small loan into a thriving farm which eventually creates a livelihood for many.

One Hen provides an excellent example of what can happen when a little help makes a big difference. The child reading the book and quite possible the parent, who has also read it, will learn how the microloan system works. The book also includes a list of relevant organizations for children to explore.

This one book, which is beautifully illustrated, not only provides an entertaining story but informs the reader and thus serves an educational purpose.

One Hen is part of the Kids Can Press Kids’ Can Make A Difference series; other books are The Tree of Life and One Well, for example.

There are other ways that our gifting can make a difference.

Food can make an ideal gift for any occasion.

There are a number of ways that you can give the gift of food, you can give food or money to an organization that is helping to feed those who are unable to purchase enough food to feed themselves.

Fair Trade is a trading partnership: a partnership between individuals and communities that uses dialogue, transparency and respect, to evolve greater equity in international trade.

Fair Trade contributes to sustainable development because it offers better trading conditions to, and secures the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South.

Oxfam offers you the opportunity to give a gift and to help someone help themselves. The Oxfam Unwrapped program


How it Works

  1. You choose one of the exciting gifts from the Oxfam Unwrapped catalog.
  2. A personalized card goes to you or your friend or loved one – it shows how your gift is making a real difference.
  3. Your donation turns into a gift for those who need it most.

For example your gift could be a set of tools that are needed to build, garden and make repairs, for example.

You can make a difference in the life of someone you know or someone you have never met or both when you do your Christmas shopping, for instance. Whatever, the reason is that you are gift shopping take some time to consider the opportunity you have to make a difference and take a step towards creating a more knowledgeable and just world. Give a gift that gives.

One Hen

How One Small  Loan Made a Big Difference Bob Ewing photo
How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference Bob Ewing photo

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kerryg profile image

kerryg 8 years ago from USA

Good ideas! My family often gives "presents" from Heifer International, and I have also started getting people Kiva gift certificates.

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick Author

Heifer International is another good option when it comes to gifts. Thanks

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