Gifts that Tickle Your Sense of Smell, Touch and Taste

The wide range of gift ideas oftentimes makes it harder for you to choose which one to offer to a loved one. Let us narrow it down to gift items that will tickle the senses of the recipient. These are items that are fragrant or scented, but not soap, body-wash or perfume, to at least elicit positive emotions (there are lots of other benefits), products that provide warmth or cool you down for proper functioning, and of course those sweet-tasting treats to complete the ‘feel-good’ indulgence. Gifts that tickle your senses are easily appreciated and difficult to forget.

The Sense of Smell and Touch

Smell is an extremely powerful sense that directly affects that part of the brain, the limbic system, which controls our emotions, memory, moods and ability to learn.  Following the inhalation of certain aromas, people usually experience positive changes in their physical and emotional wellbeing.  For example, lemon is known to uplift a person’s mood and reduce stress.  It is recognized to remove mental fatigue and exhaustion.  This is usually applied in offices to enhance alertness of staff and improve efficiency.  The calming effect of lavender scent eliminates nervous tension, provides relief to certain degree of pain and induces sleep.  Sandalwood is used to comfort mourners during funeral ceremonies while hyssop, also an ingredient in eu de Cologne, was said to help clear the mind and allows the person to think more clearly during trying times.  

Sense of touch is found all over our body and to be touched is a human necessity to grow, to develop, to survive and to thrive.  Touch provides warmth for proper functioning and also offers healing also known as massage therapy.  Essential oils, when absorbed through the skin in combination with body massage, offer a powerful and energizing effect.  These treatments improve blood circulation that helps in faster elimination of toxins and promotes cell growth.  The immune system function is enhanced as well.  With the stressful lifestyle that most people live these days, no wonder why Aroma Therapy and Massage Spa is a thriving business.  For additional information on Therapeutic oils and healing, visit this hub.

Related Gift Items

These days, aroma therapy and touch therapy are no longer limited to scented candles and essential oil concentrates. There are lots of products developed to combine the benefits of practical utility, scent and warmth like stuffed toys, hot booties, leg warmers, pillows liners, eye pillow, etc. These products are not just sweet-smelling; they are dainty as well, making each of them an exquisite gift item.

Be it a pig, an elephant, a cat or a giraffe, who can resist a warm and fragrant companion?

Every time a scented gift is smelled, the giver is automatically remembered, as mentioned earlier, the scent directly affects the system that controls memory. Huh, what an advantage!

The Sense of Taste

It is relatively easier to guess what will tickle the taste buds. Sweet treats to demonstrate sweetness will never fail to bring out a smile, especially if it’s gourmet chocolate.

Chocolates have always been linked to happiness and the neuroactive alkaloids that scientists found in chocolates might be contributory to the euphoric feeling. Darker chocolates contain more potentially mood-boosting alkaloids and that means the darker the better. Another advantage of dark chocolate is that it contains lots of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) that hastens the reduction of belly fat.

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