Golf Themed Cakes For Birthday's And Father's Day

Golf Cakes

If that special golfer in your life has a special event like a birthday, retirement party or maybe father's day coming up. You might want to consider getting him a golf themed cake this year.

When it comes to golf themed cakes you will find several different designs available from the more elaborate cakes, that require more decorating knowledge to the edible golf cake toppers that look amazingly professional but are actually quite easy to apply and work with.

The nicest selection of golf cake toppers can be found for sale on eBay, this might surprise you but of all the places that I checked online they did in fact have the largestĀ  and best selection of golf themed cake toppers.

Golf cake aren't just for men either, in fact you can also find a few golf cake designs for women. Which is nice, because after all some women enjoy the sport of golf just as much as men.

golf themed cakes for father's day
golf themed cakes for father's day

Edible Golf Cake Toppers

Out of all the available cake toppers my favorite would have to be the edible golf cake toppers.

These cake toppers are so realistic and professional looking that nobody is going to believe that you actually made it yourself.

Another thing that I like about the edible cake toppers is that in many cases you can also have them personalized with a name and or short message.

When it comes to working with an edible cake topper you will find that no cake decorating experience is needed. In fact all that you will need to make a beautiful bakery quality cake is the cake, and one of these edible cake toppers. These toppers work best when applied to a freshly frosted cake so if the frosting has started to harden you will need to lightly mist the frosting with a little water before applying the edible cake topper.


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