Graduation - Time To Reflect

Graduation is a time that we all can remember. It reminds us of the moment we began our freedom and went down the path of life. Young, energetic and very hopeful as we wondered what life had in store for us. Then soon a very different day was upon us. In a moment, we are standing in the very place we once were. It is someone else’s turn to begin the journey as we join to send them off. Who will you be sending your smile to?

With graduation comes a surprise.
With graduation comes a surprise. | Source

Graduation Now and Then

By: Sabrina Delaney

* * *

Wow, graduation is on the way

To be free to discover who I will be

As I go through this rite of passage

How will I know if I hold the right key?

* * *

So many decisions, so much to say

Happy faces just partying away

Celebrations galore the music playing

It is hard to keep track of what everyone is saying

* * *

This is my moment, my special day

When the last piece of cake has been taken away

The gifts are here but the guests are gone

Tomorrow I am sleeping so very long

* * *

I must rest for I must not grow weary

I am finally considered an adult

What direction shall I go?

Do I dart out fast or proceed slow

* * *

Some will go to college

Some will begin working away

Some will get married

Some may continue partying all day

* * *

For me, I must be sure

I do not want to waste a moment

I do not wish my life away

Keep me safe each day I pray

* * *

I wish to make good choices

In a world that offers no promises

All I have is this very day

For tomorrow could vanish away

* * *

Thank you for your smiles

Thank you for your thoughts

For tomorrow is my first day

And my future will be well on the way

* * *

I will look back on this moment

The faces that I have seen

The years will have traveled by

Alas, it may seem like only a dream

* * *

No one knows what age will bring

The circle of life is what we make it

And when I am the one offering the smile

May I always remember what it meant to go that mile?

Sabrina Tells All - Life Event and Wedding Planning
Sabrina Tells All - Life Event and Wedding Planning | Source


I am wishing for you the very best adventure as you walk the steps of those before you. Make no mistake the steps have been traveled before, but it is your turn to make them your own. Venture out to learn, lead, excel, share, laugh and enjoy. As you set out to leave your imprint on life do so with kindness and a smile. I wish all the new graduates the best as they journey in their own direction. Sabrina is sending a smile your way!

- Sabrina Tells All -


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