Gift Ideas for Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls

I can still remember the Christmas presents I received when I was a little girl because they were indeed very memorable, not just for the fun time I spent playing with them (toys) and using them (clothes, bags, hair accessories, brushes and vanity mirror to name a few), but for the feeling of gratefulness toward the giver. Besides, they were very few to recall… LOL.

Below are Christmas gift ideas for little girls that I recommend. The choice usually depends on the age and personality of the recipient. The potential fun, confidence boost and learning experience that can be derived from these gifts are important considerations for me.

Barbie Dolls

If you want to be remembered for life by a girl who loves to collect dolls, get her the latest Barbie dolls.  The 2010 Holiday Barbie glows glamorous with her snowy white gown with beautiful red and gold-studded bodice, or the one in red evening dress.  Barbie Fashionistas on the other hand wear the trendiest fashion and has learned to strike a pose with its 12 points of articulation.  Each doll has a distinct personality reflected in their clothes and accessories but each one of them is simply gorgeous.  My sister used to collect Barbie dolls as gifts from aunts, cousins and her sisters (me included).  She distinctly identifies each precious doll with the person who gave it as a gift to her.   

Strawberry Shortcake Playset - Berry Café

For little girls with well developed fine motor skills and those responsible enough to play with tiny pieces, Strawberry Shortcake Playset - Berry Café is a good gift idea.  This playset will surely tickle their imagination as they create their own berry café stories.  They will also learn the value of keeping toys properly so as not to lose parts of a set…that no matter how small a part is, it makes the bigger thing complete.  My little girl had Lila (similar to Strawberry Shortcake) 5 years ago, when she was 5 years old and fortunately Lila is still with her with 1 pair of shoes and a coat missing.

Green Toys Tea Set

Help clean the earth by supporting green toys made from recycled milk jugs.  Buy this together with Miss Spider’s Tea Party (Scholastic Bookshelf) and Green Chef Set.  This will teach children to enjoy a health drink and develop love for cooking.  My mom used to buy me clay pot set where I earned my first cooking experience.  At age 7, I literally cooked from those pots (supervised by my Mom of course) and had so much fun together with my cousins.  I had two well-treasured tea sets, both presents from my Grandmother telling me that a little girl’s childhood would never be complete without a tea set.  Does this mean that having two, mine is more than complete?

Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Unleash the creative nature of little children as they add color to the world using their Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush. Buy this together with Crayola Color Wonder Refill Pad and Crayola Magic Light Brush Paint Refill. Coloring has never been so exciting with this innovation from Crayola.

Watch nice video of this product.

Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness Stories & Techniques to Decrease Stress, Anger, Anxiety while Promoting Self-esteem

Stress in children is already a known phenomenon thwarting children’s enjoyment of happy childhood. If your little girl needs to cope with stress and the like, introducing her to relaxation and stress management techniques through this Indigo Dreams Audio CD is a great gift you can offer, Christmas season or not. Let her listen to these stories before bedtime and see the improvement in her self-esteem. This gift is something unique for somebody special...from a parent to a child.

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