Great Gift Ideas For Dad

Father's Day
Father's Day

Father's Day

It is that time of year again. The time of year where Dad's around the world get a day of appreciation and love from their children. But the question always arises, what does Dad want for father's day. Most Dads are hard to shop for and are generally no help when they are asked. So here are some great Father's Day ideas for those on a budget that Dad will surely appreciate.

A Home Cooked Meal Shows Dad The Love
A Home Cooked Meal Shows Dad The Love

Cook Dad A Meal

All father's like to eat, some more than others. So why not cook dad his favorite meal? From breakfast in bed to a nice steak dinner, a nice home cooked meal shows dad that he is worth the effort and he will appreciate the thought and time it took to prepare his favorite foods.

And the best part is it does not take a Gourmet Chef to make a delicious meal. There are many good recipe ideas on the Internet that are easy to follow. Plus, local grocery outlets sell very good quality meats and offer recipe ideas as well.

A Day On The Golf Course Is A Great Gift
A Day On The Golf Course Is A Great Gift

A Day On The Links

Many Dads enjoy a round of Golf. And this type of outdoor activity should be encouraged to get Dad out of the house and get him a little exercise. So why not give him a free round of Golf. All Golf Courses sell gift certificates for rounds of Golf, hitting ranges and lessons. Any many run Father's Day specials that help the wallet as well.

Better yet, why not join him. He will appreciate the time spent together doing something he enjoys and everyone can get out of the house and get some outdoor time together.

Watching The Game Can Be A Nice Gift
Watching The Game Can Be A Nice Gift

Watch The Game

Many Dads like nothing more than sitting on the couch a watching "The Game." Whether is be a baseball game or watching a NASCAR race, sitting down and enjoying a game undisturbed is a special treat.

So why not join him and bring treats. Make some game appropriate snacks like hot dogs and popcorn and watch the game. No whining, no interruptions. Take an interest and enjoy the time together.

Phone Covers

Almost everybody has a Smartphone these days whether it be an iphone or Blackberry. A great gift idea for dads is a great phone cover to match is personality. You can get almost any kind of phone cover these days including one showing off Dad's favorite sports team, hobby or even just a picture. Its a great gift and many are offered very cheaply.

Gift Cards Are An Easy Gift For The Man Impossible To Shop For
Gift Cards Are An Easy Gift For The Man Impossible To Shop For

Dad Is Too Hard To Shop For

Most Dads are impossible to shop for. They never tell you want they want and this is why the most famous Father's Day Gift is the obligatory tie. Well if Dad will not help and you do not want to be wrong, why not a nice Gift Card wrapped in a well thought out Father's Day card. Gift Cards are no longer considered wholly impersonal and they are the perfect gift for those that are hard to please. A Best Buy gift card, Walmart or Home Depot Gift Card, or any other mega Store will ensure that Dad can get something he will like. Just make sure he uses it and doesn't spend it on you.

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Gift Card Exchange 5 years ago

Gift card could be a nice gift.

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Thanks for the comment

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SantaCruz 4 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA

Great ideas! I like how you combined free stuff, like quality time, with things that cost more.

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bgpappa 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

THanks so much SantaCruz

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