Fantastic Gift Basket Ideas To Make Yourself!


Gift baskets are extremely versatile and HEAPS OF FUN to create.

You can very easily custom make your baskets to suit the individual interests and likes of any person, from your mom to your grandma, to your dad or your child's teacher, your boss, or even your pets!

Gift baskets can be presented on just about any occasion, from Christmas to birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, graduation, Halloween and many other special celebrations.

With so many fantastic gift basket ideas to choose from, with a little imagination and inspiration, you'll have no trouble creating the absolute PERFECT BASKET for that special person or celebration.


Although there are no hard and fast rules, as a general guideline gift baskets do tend to work best when they are created around a central theme of some sort.

Here's a few SIMPLE IDEAS to get you started on your homemade gift baskets.

Gardening Greats

A lovely eyecatching gardening basket makes an excellent gift basket idea. Fill your basket up with garden inspired goodies such as gardening tools, small containers of plants or flowers, seeds, gloves, and so on. Try using an unusual garden themed container, like a watering can or terracotta pot.

Simply Sweet

If you know your gift recipient enjoys chocolate (and who doesn't?) a decadent chocolate gift basket overflowing with yummy mouth watering, lip smacking chocolate treats would be a superb choice for this person.

Movie Magic

You could make movie themed gift baskets for your movie lover friends, and include the latest DVDs or movie tickets along with snacks and popcorn.

Creative Colors

A theme can even be as simple as designing your basket around your recipient's favorite color and adding a variety of gifts in that color.

For example.......Let's say your recipient loves the color yellow and she enjoys going to the beach. Start by using a large beach tote for your gift container in a gorgeous bright yellow flower print. Roll up a beach towel and place in the bottom of the bag. Arrange a sarong and a pair of daisy patterned flip flops attractively on top of the towel.

Fill a matching cosmetic purse with a selection of yellow themed hair accessories, hair care products and skincare items or sunscreen in yellow packaging and pop that in on top last of all. Cellophane wrap your beach themed gift basket and add a huge yellow bow to finish off. Gorgeous!

Easy as A, B, C....

If you're really stuck for an idea one of the best solutions I know (I kid you not!) is to go through the alphabet!

For instance......... A = airplanes, aromatherapy, angels, artists, activities. B = bears, books, baking, beauty products, barbecues, beer. C = car grooming products, cookies, chocolate, candles. D = dinosaurs, daisies, dogs, dieting....AND SO ON!


Gift baskets are not restricted to just baskets or hampers either, you can make your basket with any kind of container that fits your chosen theme. Boxes, bags, buckets, flower pots, serving trays, cake stands, china platters, cheese boards and even Chinese takeout containers all make fabulous gift "baskets"!


There is no magic secret to creating your own unique gift basket ideas, just try to think "outside the basket" when it comes to choosing a container and remember that you can put together a basket with just about anything you know your recipient loves.

The effort and thought put into creating a unique gift basket will be very much appreciated by your recipient and your basket is likely to be remembered for a long time to come!

For tons more INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS, detailed instructions on assembly, wrapping techniques, bow tying and even recipes for yummy treats to put in your baskets (or use as standalone presents) check out my website fun and fab gift basket ideas.

Have fun!

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Betty Reid profile image

Betty Reid 6 years ago from Texas

Great hub! Gift baskets always seem a bit expensive, so tips on making my own are helpful.

jackie.t profile image

jackie.t 6 years ago Author

I agree, sometimes they can not only be expensive but sadly a little disappointing too. Much more fun to create your own!

writeronline 5 years ago

What a helpful and informative Hub! I took your advice, and went thru the alphabet, until I got to 'U', then I rated this Up and Useful.

jackie.t profile image

jackie.t 5 years ago Author

Thank you writeronline, glad you found the information useful!

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