Halloween 2011

My favorite costume!
My favorite costume!
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

It has come and gone once again. Halloween can be so much fun, especially with the kids. There are so many cute babies and toddlers dressed up like fairies, bugs, and super heroes. I laugh the entire time we trick or treat. Everyone is so cute. My 3 year old toddler, Aidan, refused to put his spider man costume on. He acts like spider man every day but refused to put on the suit! Very frustrating. I settled on the fact that he would just be a 3 year old boy for Halloween. We had a Halloween Spooktacular party at our home this year. All the kids invited their friends and so did we. I think we will continue the tradition every year. We had a disco ball for the dance floor, food, and costumes of all kinds. I even dressed up like Gene Simmons from Kiss! It is my only costume. Love It! I look forward to Halloween next year.

Halloween Hangover

Oh my stomach hurts! I have eaten entirely too much candy – again. I do it every year. The kids go to bed and I raid their candy bags. I am sure I'm not alone in this devious practice. You know who you are. I take out all the good candy and make my own stash of candy. Snicker. Twix, and Butterfingers don't have a chance.

We all get what I call a Halloween Hangover. We all ate way too much candy, walked at least 100 miles, and got in the bed late from all the trick or treating. I had a hard time getting the kids out of bed this morning for school. They wanted to stay home because they were tired from trick or treating.

Having a good candy stash is a good thing with 4 kids in the house. Serves as bribe candy, potty candy, or just a small reward for doing good things. The next time Aidan won't get into the truck, I will offer him a piece of candy to persuade him to get in. Works every time. Of course this does not work as well with the 12 year old.

My Candy Stash
My Candy Stash


I intended to post this earlier today but time got away from me. I still wanted to post it, though late, and share our Halloween fun. Since I have now become a stay at home mom, I am slowing down and trying to appreciate the small things. Just moments in time or events that happen. Documenting them and having that to re-kindle memories as the children get older is priceless. When they are grown they can show these pictures to their children. They won't believe grandma looked like that on Halloween! I truly enjoyed Halloween this year. I hope everyone else had a happy and safe Halloween as well.

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Nexusx2 profile image

Nexusx2 5 years ago

I loved your hub. "The kids go to bed and I raid their candy bags." Just put a smile on my face because I was eating my sons candy while reading this.

angela p profile image

angela p 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

Ha too funny. I am sitting here still eating their candy. I feel so sick but keep eating! Oh look.. there is a tootsie roll.

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