Halloween Costume Ideas and Psychoanalytics

Is our costume the most important element?

Generating Costume Ideas, planning and Dressing up for Halloween is a marvelous pleasure. The excitement of choosing the dresses for the young and old, executing the scary events to planned precision, decorating your house and location is just too much to behold.

I was just going through Wikipedia and caught a glance of Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalysis. I immediately remembered of my friend who has a great attraction to the teaching of Freud and enjoys relating the behavior of people to his teachings and theory. To him every body was a specimen.

Coming back, I was just very curious as to how, the followers of psychoanalysis would perceive the festival of Halloween.

From being a spiritual ritual the event has today manifested to a full blown festival, where the whole world enjoys masquerading as another person or object which they are not.

Halloween is an event when everybody wants to be different from the other, so that they can be the most talked about in their circles. The thought is to be the scariest, and to have an immediate impact; children's costume as kids vampire costume are some of the most desired outfits, for an example.

Looking back, you can raise some good questions.

a. Why is that we choose to be different on one day?

b. If we can choose to be another person or entity for one day, why is it that we are not able to manifest it in us every time? Very few take this path.

c. Subconsciously, are we still animals at large, though we never show it outward?

I am not psychoanalyst myself to provide answers, but hope all my brethren out there will have some good views. At the end, is the dress we wear and the make up the most important thing at all? Is it the one that tell us what we are going to be on that day?


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