Halloween Costume Ideas 2010

300 Warrior
300 Warrior

There are over 1000 articles with Halloween costume ideas on Hubpages- for adults, couples, groups, children, babies, and pets. Here are links to the Halloween Costume ideas that I like best. If you want to recommend another Halloween costume hub, email me. Have a spooky time!

Some people plan for Halloween for months in advance, while others search for quick and easy ideas right before a party. These links all have Halloween costume ideas along with great photos, so you can either order some costumes online or make them yourself.

If you are almost our of time, here are some quick and easy ideas for you to try.One lady had small boxes of cereal pinned to her shirt with mini scissors, pins, and plastic knives stuck in them. When you asked her what she was, she said that she was a "serial killer". One man made a lumberjack costume. He already had a flannel shirt, jeans, and heavy work boots. All he needed was to make an ax made out of a paper towel role and some tin foil.

Another idea is to become an alien from outer space- make an outer space gun by covering a caulking gun with tin foil and then decorating it. Wear strange clothes and paint your skin green for that out-of-this-world look. (Do only old people call it tin foil?)

When looking for last minute Halloween costume ideas, look and see what you already have on hand. If you find a stuffed parrot, put it on your shoulder and say, Arrrrgh. Do you have feather boas, old Mardi-Gras beads, make up?

If you have a box that will fit around your waist, you can decorate it so that you look like a pair of dice, a robot, or a person riding a horse. If you have hunting gear, you can dress up like a hunter. Can you borrow a lab coat or a hard hat or something from another occupation? Just get your creative juices flowing. Good luck!

Email me if you have any more ideas or photos.

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Can't Think of a Costume? Carry a Cute Baby

Lobster Baby in a Bucket
Lobster Baby in a Bucket
Be Creative!Photo by Infrogmation.
Be Creative!Photo by Infrogmation.
Dress Up With Friends
Dress Up With Friends
Spike Heels Linda courtesy of rypmar7.
Spike Heels Linda courtesy of rypmar7.

Children's Halloween Costumes at Amazon

Hope You Enjoy My Halloween Costume Ideas
Hope You Enjoy My Halloween Costume Ideas
Coke Machine Costume
Coke Machine Costume
Powergirl Costume found at wftcostumes.com
Powergirl Costume found at wftcostumes.com
Costume Made from a Box
Costume Made from a Box
Hot Dog Costume
Hot Dog Costume

Final Comments on Halloween Costume Ideas

Well, this is disappointing. I put a lot of work and research into this Halloween Costume Links hub. But because it has so many links and looks so commercial, it has a lower rating now than when I first created it. So I guess I need to add some text to add value and to try to balance out all the ads. By the way, I used to have a long section on adult Halloween Costume Links. But I could not get a square Google ad to go up there. I think the square Google ads like to be very near the top. So I reduced the size of the picture and cut up the Adult Halloween Costume Links section into smaller sections. So, now I should have a square Google ad. I did the last time I checked. You can't check while you are editing.

I noticed that one of my Halloween Costume Links was for Goth Halloween Costumes and so I was getting a Goth ad. Well, I guess I will get more now that I mentioned it. I just checked again and this Hub was still ranked at 48. Pretty awful. Maybe if you all give it a thumbs up rating and comment, it will help the hub. I mean, what else can I do? I can't take all the Halloween Costume Links out of this Halloween Costume Links hub.

Do you like Halloween parties? I have been to some with smoke machines. One party had the garage all decorated to look like a dungeon. And creepy food, of course. You can but little skulls and things and set them around the food. Halloween candy is always good to have at a party. You can put tombstones or spider rings or those orange candy pumpkins on cupcakes.

We live in Texas, so you never really know what the weather will be like for Halloween. So it is hard to make a Halloween costume. You just have to plan for changes in the weather. One Halloween it was so hot that I gave trick-or-treaters and their parents cans of Coke when they stopped by the house. They all loved it. Then once it was so cold that I followed my boys in the car. I remember I had a baby born mid September asleep in the car. It was probably 55 degrees, but that is cold for us.

I always tried to have a Halloween cartoon movie ready if I wanted to get the kids to come back inside. Then I just suggested that we go back home and see the movie.

I had a friend who didn't want her children to eat so much candy on Halloween. She bought them little presents in advance and hid them. After she came home with her kids, they got to pick out 10 pieces of candy to keep. She then traded the rest of the Halloween candy for the toys and gave the rest of the Halloween candy away. He boys liked the little toys more than the candy.

So, anyway, this had a hub score of 48, which is pretty bad. So after I write this, I am going to save and see if the extra test improved the my hubpage's score. I hope so. I had planned to be finished with this a long time ago. I really liked the baby Halloween costumes and the pet Halloween costumes. I could do a whole hub on each of those topics. But, I am spending way too much time on hubpages. So anyway, bye for now, unless my Halloween Costume Links hub still has a low score. I don't want to erase it, because my Halloween Costume Links hub was fun and I put a lot of work into it. I hope you like my Halloween Costume Links hub!

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vperry 5 years ago

Nice article! I love the baby in the pot! I'll be sure to pass this on to others that may need ideas for costumes. Voted up.

Lindsey 5 years ago

Definitely my favorite source for couples costumes: www.mrcostumes.com

htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Great post..Thanks

RachieH 5 years ago

The lobster baby is AWESOME!

Anita 6 years ago

I need a costume and can't find one :(

Costumes 6 years ago

Great Page! Simply full of ideas for Halloween or Costume Parties

Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 6 years ago from Minnesota

lol this is a great hub, lots of good costume ideas! I featured your hub on mine that's titled Creative Halloween Costumes For Couples.

Bob 6 years ago

This is an awesome website!

invita profile image

invita 6 years ago from Tampa, FL

The lobster baby is so cute!

A women 6 years ago

The idea I liked was the baby on the pot!! Hillairious :)

Melvin 6 years ago

I love the last one, the "real" hot dog costume. I bet the dog will become famous when you bring it around in this costume.

hot costumes for halloween 6 years ago

nice little guide for popular costume i really like the lobster baby one the hot dog one is always fun for a pet but maybe i can try the coke machine this year not sure how popular it is but i know its unique

mrSmalley profile image

mrSmalley 6 years ago

Great ideas. My kids are going to flip :)

GivingJOE profile image

GivingJOE 6 years ago

Great Hub for adult costumes. http://infantcostumes.us is a great place to find costumes for infants.

Carol the Writer profile image

Carol the Writer 7 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Thanks Mindfulness and eeyore.

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia

Great ideas. We should link our Halloween hubs together!

Mindfulness profile image

Mindfulness 7 years ago

I enjoyed this hub. The hot dog and the lobster child is awesome!

eeyore4000 7 years ago

Great Hubs Carol. . . Halloween is a whole other story! Right now I'm dealing with 1st birthday parties but when I think about it Halloween is a week earlier. I've never been too creative with costumes!

Carol the Writer profile image

Carol the Writer 7 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Thanks creative! I had fun doing the research.

creativearts2009 profile image

creativearts2009 7 years ago

It is useful to have all the costume links Carol you have done a lot of work and deserve the high hub score you have now.

Carol the Writer profile image

Carol the Writer 7 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Thanks Thirteen. I think pirates are sexy anyway, arrrrrgh!

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