Halloween Costume

I love chocolate!
I love chocolate!

It's almost Halloween and I am trying to decide just what to be this year. If you are anything like me you are already getting excited but you can also feel the anxiety of just what costume your going to wear. Well come along with me on a journey to investigate some of the hottest costumes this year.

One of my all time favorite costumes is of course the witch. How can you not love to dress up in black clothes, carrying a broom, black cat and wear green make up with a wort on your nose and have people say you look really cool now that's my idea of a great time.

Here is a great creepy witch skin tip:

You will need;

1. Tissue paper

2. Base make up or concealer make up

3. Green face paint

4. Clear syrup

5.Make up sponge

Using the base/concealer make up mix a small amount with the green paint. (I like to recycle plastic container lids to use for things like this)

Next Tear the tissue into small strips.

Last use the syrup to attach the tissue to your face, cheek or forehead. When you add the tissue make sure you have some good wrinkles for wrinkly old witch skin. Now use your green make up mixture to cover the tissue and your face. There you go, you are now a spooky creepy old witch!

On one hand I want something simple on the other hand maybe something sexy. There really is no happy medium I have to decide then jump in with both feet and commit to a costume idea. Once I decide to wear a certain costume I am completely committed to it. I plan all the way down to the jewelry. I love going out to find the perfect accessories for my costume. 

We use to have an annual Halloween party that was all the craze for all our friends they would ask if we were having it again every year. We had so much fun and the costumes were simply hysterical. I guess one of my favorite all time costumes would have to be the time I decided to dress as the opposite sex. I had a friend tell the other guests that I had to run an errand and left instructions for everyone to get drinks and have a great time I would return shortly.

Introducing myself with a fictitious name I sat and talked to my friends for about a half an hour then they really started to ask when I was getting back they didn't know it was me at all. Some people may have thought this a bit insulting that they were so convinced but I thought it was completely hysterical. Everyone was completely shocked when I announced the surprise I was there all along. It was a great time. One of my friends dressed as a large baby, he was such a crack up and at the end of the night he loudly announced to his wife, "do you really expect me to use this giant diaper or you going to go to the bathroom to help change me?" We all laugh about that now over ten years later.

What is your favorite

Halloween Costume?

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huge spider
huge spider
Tree Ghost
Tree Ghost

This year I think I will go with the idea of a scary yet good looking creature that has just  crawled out from under a swamp rock is there such a thing? I will use a torn piece of tissue under my makeup so when it dries it will crack like my skin is falling off then I will paint my nails black like I have clawed my way out of some place dark and scary. I will wear something dark with a couple of holes in my pants with worms and bugs sticking out. Darn bugs and sexy just don't seem to go hand in hand do they? Well I still have time to decide just what I want to be.

I think we should make ghost again though to hang in the trees they turned out pretty good. I love the giant spider web with the big black spider in the middle creepy, I love it!

To make the Ghost:

1. White trash bag any size

2. Marker Black

3. White Balloon

4. Clear Tape

5. Piece of string

Blow up the balloon, unfold the trash bag and cut fringes on the bottom.

Using the trash bag put the balloon inside all the way to the end in one corner.

Using your tape go around the neck of the ghost while twisting it to secure it.

Use the marker to make a face. You can print a pattern if you do not want to free hand a face. Cut out your face pattern hold onto your balloon and fill in the eyes and mouth with your marker, it's simple.

Use your string in the very top of your ghost's head secure it with a piece of tape. Make your string long enough to hang down in your tree. Make three or four and hang them at different lengths for a cool effect.

Scream again ...........ahhhh Sat on the porch to scare little people wah ahah
Scream again ...........ahhhh Sat on the porch to scare little people wah ahah

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What are you going dress as this year, feel free to leave me a comment. 1 comment

Gemsong profile image

Gemsong 7 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

I'll probably do the witch, but no green make up or warts. I find that so... cliche... sexy witch (in my dreams) handing out candy to unsuspecting carpet crawlers dressed up like bumblebees.

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