Halloween Costumes Inspired by Art


Costumes Inspired by Works of Art

If you love Halloween and fine art, you'll be amazing and inspired by these outstanding costumes. They will take a bit of artistic flare and a colorful palate of face paint, but if you've got the patience and/ or an artistic companion, you'll soon be painted in the most creative costume on this year's party circuit.

Cubist Woman


Pablo Picasso

The previous and following slides depict costumes that would do Picasso proud. Known as The Father of Cubism, his works are grotesquely abstract and misshapen, exacerbating the imperfections of the human spirit.

Picasso Inspired Beauty




Roy Lichtenstein

These colorful, robotic costumes will surely have people marveling at your creativity and artistic talent. Don't forget to include the glossy, brassy colored wig! The bigger and firmer the hair, the better. No Lichtenstein would be complete without one.

Another Lichtenstein




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Mark Tulin profile image

Mark Tulin 2 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

Great idea. Amazing costume ideas If all the costumes were like yours, I would open the door for trick or treaters.

Jaynie2000 profile image

Jaynie2000 2 years ago Author

Thanks! I thought they were really fun and creative too.

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